Hard Mission 7-1

I know this is a strange question. The answer probably is: “get stronger”. However I’ve been looking forward to being able to loot Fortress fragments in Chapter 7 but damn this is silly. How do I beat this?

The required power level for Mission 7-1 is 25.000. I enter the battle using a 27.000 team and bam bam bam Hideo and Dogface are dead. Bam there goes HeimlBAMBAMBAM Phalanx deBAM my entire team is wiped. Try again? Sure BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM Try again? Nah, I’m out of energy.

Can anyone recommend a good strategy for Hard Mission 7-1?
Those Elite enemies have like 700.000 health. I can’t imagine any team around 25.000 being able to complete this level. Maybe a team around 30.000 could be able to win.

I want to state that I completed Hard Chapter 6 with 3 starts on each Mission.
Maybe 7-1 is broken? Anyone wanna try it with a 25.000 - 30.000 team?


Post a screenshot of the squad you’re using please, makes it easier

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I can’t right now, but I’m using:
Heimlock 8* Gold level 55
Dogface 7* Gold level 55
Hideo 6* Gold level 55
Phalanx 5* Gold level 55
then the last one I alternate between Prophet 7* Gold level 55 / Mandrake 5* Gold level 55 / Maven 5* Gold level 55 / Caine 4* Gold level 55 / Odachi 5* Silver level 55 / Gammond 5* Silver level 55…

Skill levels are around 50-55. Some skills are lower, like Hideo’s “Momentum” at 45.

The jump in difficulty between 6-9 and 7-1 is amazing. I really can’t get past the first wave here. Some attempts I don’t even kill one single enemy before I’m wiped.

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7-2 seemed to be even harder but I made it through at around 19000 power. Prophet Mandrake matador and Dogface at gold and Gammond at silver+3

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You kidding? Are you talking about Normal or Hard Campaign here?
Can you use that given team to complete the Hard Campaign Mission 7-1? Do you have a possibility to make a video record and share so I can learn your ways?

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7-1 hard is probably the hardest mission in the whole chapter. Not only because the first sentry hits like a truck and stunlocks your heroes, but also because on the third wave, the enemy have A LOT of HP.

When I finally could clear it, I used a 29k power team, if I recall correctly. The recommended power of that mission is messed up a bit. Im clearing chapter 8 with a team 4k lower than recommended power, but I needed 4k more when I tackled that mission.

I cleared it with 7* team Gammond (Gold IV), Dogface (Gold +1-3, dont remember), Matador or Heimlock, Mandrake and Maven Gold.

On the first wave you gotta kill that Sentry asap, or you risk him oneshotting any bio hero you bring.

On the second wave, I played maven, but didnt use her skills. Saved them for the third wave. The moment third wave started, I used vampire cloud on one elite rifleman. The silence on the other, and swaped to dogface to burst down that Vanguard.

Thats how I did it, but it sure took a lot of effort. Maven may be replaced by any bio dps you have

TL;DR: Burst down first wave sentry asap, control on second wave the hero with the strongest skills and save them for third wave.


Thanks a lot. I will experiment a bit more later today.
I will, however, accept that I can’t beat this mission yet and will try to pump my main heroes up a bit. I am just so eager all of a sudden to get Fortress going.

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For the sentry, just remember that due to game mechanics, enemies are more likely to target the hero you’re using, and that particular sentry follows that rule vehemently. That being said, try starting the mission as your Matador to draw the sentry’s fire, he should be able to tank it

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Is that valid even if my Dogface has 40K more Health than my Matador?
If I start the mission with Dogface it’s like 5 seconds before he’s killed.

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My bad, I thought you were using Matador. I would recommend replacing Phalanx with a Mech tank though such as Matador or Razorback.

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If I’m putting my Matador in I fall under the recommended power level a bit.
This is how it goes. As a bonus the recording contains sound from a swedish Ceeepypasta podcast. But yeah I don’t stand a chance. Keep in mind that Dogfarts has 150K health plus whatever he’s getting from Heimlocks gold skill.

Seems maven should be switched with Mandrake, to keep your units alive

And you don’t need her to kill vanguard

I used something similar, but it’s a tough mission, when you get past this just focus on vanguard

Come on Mandrake, let’s do this!

Seems I just need to get stronger and I would really suggest Hothead Games to put a much higher recommended power on this mission. :slight_smile: Thanks though for the advice.
As you can see at the start of the video using this team puts me considerably under the rec. power. I’ll keep grinding and growing. I’ll try again in a week.


That will help, good luck!

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You dont need Prophet at all for that mission, given there are only 4-5 bio enemies, and all them are minions, not bosses. Your own bio heroes can take care of them.

I would replace him for Hideo or Maven. In my experience, this mission wave 3 is even harder. You wont get instakilled like here, but you will need to do like 3M damage (if I recall correctly) in 1:30, which may prove hard if you use a tanky team (and you kinda need a tanky team to survive that sentry’s burst)

The problem I noticed on the first video is, when you are going to get killed, you move Dogface. Its better to stay down.

Enemies have like 95% accuracy on heroes out of cover, and 50% versus heroes in cover (I made up the numbers, but you get the idea). Your hero is more likely to survive if you stay covered.

Also, Sentry has 6 bullets. If you start shooting him, you will probably get the 6 shoots yourself, making it almost impossible to survive. You may want to stay cover and wait for him to use 2 shots in another hero, and then start shooting. He will most likely swaps targets to the hero you control, and that way you may be able to survive his first magazine.

Surviving his bronze skill is another story, tho

But yeah, I agree you just need to wait and grow stronger.


I got to the third wave now with all heroes alive and fully healed. Survived until 10 seconds remained and it looked like I didn’t even hurt any of the three elites. :frowning: :slight_smile:

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Only focus your fire on vanguard, best is to manually play dogface, once you kill him their shield is gone


Yeh, that Vanguard shields for a lot, so its best to kill him as soon as possible, in my opinion

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Thanks for all the advice, I FINALLY managed to clear it.

Matador gold +2 - soak up some of first Sentry’s fire
Dogface gold +4 - switch to him halfway to finish off sentry, use him for the rest of the match
Maven gold +2, Nightingale gold +2 and Mandrake gold+2 for the rest.


Seems I need to beef some equipment up as I have stabilised my heroes on Gold +0.
I’m not going to use Nightingale though, what’s her purpose in this team composition? If it is for marking an enemy then I would rather use Prophet. Sure she can heal as well but I think my 8* Heimlock does it better.

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