Stuck @7-1 hard

Ive been stuck there for probably 3 months.
My team power is about 36k and the suggested is 26k.
There must be at least one thing wrong with this stage.
Can anyone take a look? Thanks


I made a thread about this mission a while back. I got some good advice! Hold on while I search for it.

(Main focus is to pick out the big threats using strong characters of opposing color)

It’s a terrible mission! And 7-2 is a lot easier.
I’m stuck at 8-2 now, or at least that’s where I felt hard resistance last week. I might try again later today now that my Odachi is Platinum.

Hard mode is sometimes badly designed.

7-1 Vanguard: 1.5M hp AND shield
10-5 Scum: 1.5M

Why does a boss in stage 7 have the same HP than a boss of stage 10?

I needed like 6-8k over required power to clear this one, but Im clearing stage 10 hard mode with 12k under required power. I know the required power is just a guide, but it doesnt look like a reliable one to me.

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Just wait till you’re stronger mate. Standard team of dogface mandrake gammond +2 beats most missions you just need more power and utilise dogface burst ability - shoot 19 bullets with silver skill then another 20 by using bronze skill

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To be fair, this stage has a difficulty way above the “normal”, for the rest of the chapter. After this one, you can clear pretty much the whole chapter 7 without many problems.

Vanguard having 1.5M HP and a massive shield from his gold make him survive long enough to make you run out of time. A stage needing 6-8k power over power required seems like bad design.

But as Markus pointed, this stage has already been talked here, and you can find tips on the link he gave earlier. Hope all those tips help you clear this nightmarish stage :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, it’s not optimal. I contacted Hothead about this and they said to “look into it”.

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i’m just commenting here to bring this UPon the forum food chain

Tbh, this was one of the few power checks in the game, I was so happy when I bested this one, even before they decreased the health

Thanks Markus and Saito. I just upped my team power to 37k and gave it a try and lost pretty badly before I came here. I will give it a try. Hope my dogface is strong enough.

at 28k with 8* plat dog just not enough DPS. I hope they increase the time a bit then it becomes doable. 10 to 15 seconds would do it.

damn timers on this mission.

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