Final Stage of MK.2 Razordome Help

With the MK.2 Razordome coming to a end very soon, I have been trying very hard to 3* the final stage. I always come close, but ultimately end up 2*ing it, or running out of time. Can you all help me find the right team to use? Thanks! :sweat_smile:


Use 4-cep to heal block him, your saph should also make easy work of him. Try this lineup,

Serial + 4-cep + Saph + Heim + Phalanx.

You have ample bars and power to get it done, I managed to beat it on all my alts even if there was a 40/50k team deficit to the recommended power, heal blocking is the key. If you are struggle to take out the bio heroes then do this order.

Start with Serial, aim at MK2 and shoot before anything spawns, this will build his bronze. Swap over to Saph, kill Maven and then Kill Callidous, swap to 4-cep and heal block MK2. Swap back to Saph and take out Heim and leave Phoenix until last, then keep on Saph and keep shooting MK2, this will trigger an automatic heal block. Keep shooting him until he goes down, if you are struggling on DPS then try swapping out 4-cep for a mech like your Hideo or Beck (take off her skin). MK2 can’t move so Beck’s grenades do good damage.

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The final fight is a DPS check. You need to out-damage MK.2’s healing. I mention this only because people are writing tickets saying he’s broken and can’t be damaged. You just need to go harder.


If you have Kurtz, max him out and execute MK.2 worked for me.

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Thank you!!!


I use all the bonus heroes…
Jackal, saphire, kiyoshi, mk2, and silhouete

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What? Kurtz’s execution work?


Yes. You just gotta be quick about it so that he doesn’t break free. Also Kurtz has to be 92 or higher.

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