Individualisation of Heroes

I think its a bit boring, that everyones Heroes are the same. My 8* Mandrake ist the same as everyone elses 8* Mandrake. Same stats, same Skills etc.

Why not make them more individual? In many games you have runes, or something similar, to mod your Heroes stats. Why not doing something similar here, too.

As runes wont fit this game, it could be a weapon mod, you can use to raise the damage your hero does. An armour mod, to get more points at “armour”. Overloading your weapon with a specific element to raise the elementary damage. A medical infusion, to raise the HP, etc…

Every Hero gets a slot, you can use for one of the Mods. This brings the possibillity of realy making the team yours. Bulding a team, fitting your playing style. You may have a Cast/Keel/Butter/Dogface/Mandrake team, with Mods to keep Dogface alive to deal the damage, fighting the same team, with offensive mods on everyone but Dogface. He has a defensive Mod. Everyone will go after Dogface, because they fear the damage, the rest of the team stays untouched and does the kills, because you went all out on Dogface, needing more time to kill him than expected, cause of the mod, while ignoring the real thread.

I know it needs to be worked out, but it could add a great tactical aspect to the game.

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Even if there was different types of add-ons you could do for a hero, most people would just find the best combo and run that, you would just be back to square one with everyone running the same thing. With an addition like that, I still think people would run the same 5 heroes they usually do, maybe with a little variation like you stated but it wouldn’t really change that much. Certain heroes are designed for a certain role and having a system that counters that would just make a huge mess within pvp.

I believe the devs have stated they are talking about adding certain customization for the heroes themselves, more on the cosmetic side than game play. That could be were you could differ from the rest of them with your mandrake but I think adding a whole other system of combat would uncover a ton of potential problems and bugs that would cause the community to be frustrated, similar to how some of the plat skills now have turned out to be pretty overwhelming but this time on a bigger scale.


They added a system like that in Castle Clash, without getting much bug problems.

I think it would change more than you think. The tournaments with different bonuses for each hero class made some new teams, because some Heroes like Maven did well, because of the HP bonus. Normaly you rearly see Maven in the first or second team. Same with Heckler. Or think of Salatore. His weapons DPS is great, but everything else is just crap. You could make him a usefull charackter, by adding soe Bonuses.

Sure there still would be some heroes better than others, But there could be some more heroes added to the pool you can use.

I could see something like that working, but not for a long time from now. Although this game has been around since the beginning of 2017, the majority of the player base has been playing for just over 100 days or less. This game is still relativity “new” with a bunch of things being added each patch and still trying to balance out heroes to have PvP see more of a variety. Although I don’t play clash, I’ve seen similar systems in other games that do add a ton of different things to the game that work. As of right now, I just don’t see something along these lines being added in the near future unless PvP takes a turn for the worse and a change is needed. A change like that would not only change pvp but every other aspect of the game, and I don’t think that’s what the game needs right now. I like the idea though, and if the game stays alive long enough we may see some changes such as different hero builds or perks that you can equip.

I know that this is nothing for the next 3 or 4 updates and that there are more important changes to do. Its just something i saw and liked in other games and i think it could work at this game, too.

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