I'm surprisied by me level 1 hero

My level 1 SURVIVIED ALSO I’m rank 90 something yay!

Also plz tell me who is the best healer I use operator

Personally, I think that Gammond is one of the best healers, because of the fact that he heals over time, and he is extremely useful, no matter where you are in the game. This is controversial, but I think that nightingale is a decent healer, because she her heal charges super fast, and as a result, she can put a heal on a hero who is about to die, which is super annoying. Keel is also really good end game.
Operator does next to no damage, and his abilities take too long to charge, if I were you, I would start moving away from him.

Ok thank you I will try them out when I get them

these are all my peoppeople who would be the best for me to use and upgrade

Savage is a beast at PVP
Dog Face is a monster at DPS
Maven is good DPS and easy to upgrade for campaign
Matador is good for early game and Campaign
A lot of people like Sentry, but I personally do not use him enough to have an opinion
Halo is good but hard to get shards

My butter dies so fast so I usually use butter operator halo person underneath halo and the fat guy who should I change out

This is my main reason for loving operator

Good job @Portalhero :smiley:

Moss is GOAT healer IMO