Matador healing

Anybody notice that matador never get to healing point as introduction?

My matador’s healing skill is level 75, which means he can heal heroes more than 40,000 hp/s, and the skill can continue for 10s if there is no interruption.

But this introduction NEVER come true in pvp game. My matador never heal my hero to full hp even the hero has only full hp of 145,000, and actually this skill can only last for about 3s even there is no interruption.

How can this happen?

In addition, the healing block is a lie, my opponent can still heal himself if he suffered healing block by Wesson.

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The heal block is not a full negation, but very strong. Also, matador needs someone to allow him to get heals through. He is very weak at plat. Hope they address our Latino Rambo soon!

It bugs me that heal block is not a block. Healing is too strong to not be blockable. Either way…I have noticed channeled skills are skittish under AI. If they get hit hard they will jump out and run around a bit. This has messed up quite a few gauntlet runs where all I needed to do was control the channel manually so it wasn’t canceled and the effect was lost.

I personally think all channeled abilities should regain a percentage of their charge if canceled based on how much was left minus a penalty. Only for canceled, not broken skills from stagger and what not.


Make a thread buddy! Good ideas around but this is about matador!

healing block is a lie!!!

His healing is definitely bugged.

It’s called BLOCK. The art of ‘blocking’ is to withstand an opposing force in such a way the damage to one self is minimal. Heal nullification is the term you are looking for.

Matador heal only last 3 seconds. The 10 second thing is a bug in the English version, because it used to be 10 seconds before becoming channeled.

In Spanish it correctly states that it last 3 secs

Heal block doesn’t block or significantly reduce.

I counted enemy HP during Wesson’s “death mark” and he got 67k from a Nightingale heal… I checked post-round stats and sure enough the enemy Nightingale’s heal was for 67k.

It is 10 seconds in German version too. Did they change it only in the spanish?

Well, maybe its actually bugged and they changed the spanish description to match the bugged skill :confused:

I wish they would post accurate skill descriptions. It’s 10 seconds in mine but definitely not as effective as it sounds.

isn’t that 3s heals + 10s taunts?

@GTSaiko is right, it has been changed yet but his Spanish version show the correct stats

Matador is a joke.

He is the symbol of losing game.