Heckler Again, His gold skill

Why is it that he does not stun through shields, Devs please fix this awesome hero he could be so much more useful, hes worthless against heavily shielded teams. Also noting again to fix his homing precision skill to actually hit the hero with the lowest remaining health all the time. Nerf Ronin also, if you havnt noticed, ronin is on almost every top 100 team, it takes the fun out of game, we need diff team compositions for the game to be fun and ronin aint it chief. Hes broken, dont have to nerf his damage again just nerf his survivability somehow or something, its not fun when hes on every team. I use ronin myself im top 100 everytime sometimes top 50. Something needs done about both these heroes


So wait, the only stun that goes through shield it seems is flatlines? I dont understand whats going on lol. I have to start taking shields out before i hit someone with a stun. Apparantly shields are immune to stuns except for hers

That has never happened for me to my knowledge. Heckler’s stuns have worked great for me. Are you sure that they won’t work on a shielded player?

Im positive, same with kunochi, and thankyou Gambit for always trying to help on my threads

No problem.

I have noticed this with Kunoichi, but here’s how I take that. Her skill says if all 3 kunai hit the enemy they are stunned. If shielded, it doesn’t hit “them” or damage health three times for the stun. This is my interpretation, idk if that’s totally stupid or not.


I have seen this with heckler in pvp a good bit. The stun doesn’t work on shields from what I’ve seen. And the mussels don’t always hit the lowest health enemy. I’ve purposely hit one enemy to get them below the others health lets say maven and used my missles and they would target matador. Haven’t seen this happen in gauntlet or campaign tho.

Matador is a tank, and tanks are prone to AI taunts or marks. I might be wrong, but it seems that taunting or marking will affect the gold skill. It certainly causes strategic disadvantage when using Heckler’s skill.

I think ive also noticed this on mauler and oracle where they dont disorient through phalanxes shields so mauler cant stun them either.

Also just tried out his homing precision in Gauntlet and there were 2 people below half health or less and it targeted matador. Matadors bronze skill makes him taunt for 10 seconds if there are anyone under 50% health so it might be it.

Edit: just tested it again, and it might be that if the hero with lowest health is out of frame, it just targets the one who is. I just noticed that an enemy razor was in critical health, but he was slighty out of view while i used his missiles so it hit matador without him taunting.

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