Ronin silver skill remake

Lets have this skill further back up his “wandering protector” title while solving the issue with people the current skill being op. It will work similar to Kaladin from Forged fantasy except he will taunt to draw attention away from weakened allies. The idea behind this is to make him more high risk when he uses riposte so he cant just shield and reflect/block damage at will. With this, he will be slightly easier to kill early game if not properly backed up with support like most other dps.

Silver: Riposite
This hero taunts and shields himself from all incoming attacks with a 50% chance to reflect 125% of the damage back onto his attackers for 9 seconds or until the shield is destroyed. During the duration of the ability this hero cannot attack or use other abilities.


The taunt is interesting but there is a cap on damage for that skill so the taunt will eliminate the skill quicker but distribute damage more evenly making it less effective. Which is what I think your goal is. Imo, he’s not op anymore since they did a good job with the sandbagging penalty in pvp

what?! He can’t "reflect / block damage AT WILL. where are you getting this from???

And don’t include me in “People” thinking his skills are too OP. Because I disagree.

GIT GUD…period.

I just put this up because I like reimagining the hero skills and wanted to come up with my own solution to some people’s (excluding you) complaints about ronin. I hate seeing him sandbagged in PvP but I am not someone who is wanting to see every good hero nerfed because I can’t beat them.