Why is Kunoichi seen as better than Heckler?

Maybe just my perception, but I never see much criticism for Kunoichi but Heckler gets a lot, partially from the legendary skin but still…why? Both are glass cannons that apply negative effects to self to boost damage.

Is it because Kunoichi’s damage boost is more substantial than Heckler’s? Although Heckler is a lot tankier so I think it’s fair if his damage output is lower.

Is it the fact that her attack boost doesn’t do outright self-damage like Heckler’s (excluding legendary)?

Or is it because of better bronze/gold skills? Her plat is junk so it can’t be that. I do think her bronze does insane damage + the stun makes it even better. Much better than Heckler’s attack skill. But not sure if this is the main difference that separates Kunoichi from the ‘bad’ Heckler…

Your forgetting how damaging Kunoichi can be, no im not being biased is more of Heckler in my opinion dosent emit enough damage to where he can be a good damager. Kunoichi has better skill with her bronze and her silver makes her more of a damager. Her plat isnt all useful but at the same time it also puts strategy into it if you think hard about it

The issue isn’t that Kunoichi is better than Heckler, it’s specifically Heckler’s skin. His ability already damages him and his skin makes him take even more damage while being more of a side grade or even down grade to his damage.

Depending on the element type you are attacking, his skin either makes you do less damage (vs mech), the same-ish damage (vs energy), or more damage (vs bio). Since the less dmg vs mech kinda cancels out the boost vs bio, the extra damage Heckler takes seems unwarranted.

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Kunoichi’s bronze, silver, and gold synergize extremely well with each other. The amount of damage she can do, even towards the beefier Biochem Heroes, makes her extremely dangerous if she is able to survive in the field. Simply put: if Kunoichi manages to activate her silver and land all three kunai for that stun, just say goodbye to that unit.


Im not sure either, but it might be her gold skill since she doesnt have to be the one to initiate effects to do extra damage. If you have a teammate that can stun, root, or lift, you can use it more often leading to extra damage.

In short she is more flexible, or has more synergy i guess. If hecklers hammer rounds are based on crit chance, then its not hard to imagine that he would become a more lethal, yet squishier mauler, minus the disorient. Just a suggestion on how to change him.

Really?i thought she gained extra damage with her Gold while attacking afflicted enemies. Not a randon auto damage like Halo’s Plat

No i mean that she still has to attack them, but she doesnt have to be the one to cause the effect. Teammates who can stun buff her damage output.