Heckler - new skin skill: Superclock

Anybody tried Heckler’s new Superclock skill? It still damages him, but it seems to trade the mixed white damage / elemental damage buff for purely enhanced elemental damage. It also makes him 15% more vulnerable to incoming damage.

I’m curious to hear how the skill does in game and not just on paper. :+1:t2::-1:t2:?

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I don’t know why he receives a 15% extra damage, while the damage buff is the same, just energy, instead of mixed. With mixed damage he is more balanced, while pure energy makes him weaker versus mech and stronger versus bio.

I don’t think that adding an extra tradeoff was needed

Exactly. It’s more of a side grade then an upgrade with the damage. He does more to bio, less to mech with it, and the same to energy heroes. Why then does he also take 15% more damage with the skin? That part should be removed. As it stands the skill change makes the skin worse I would say.


You both interpreted it the same way I did. I wonder if its better in practice than concept.

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As of the August update, even “vulnerable” elemental armor still resists some elemental damage. At least with Salvatore’s legendary it made sense for bounties (and synergized with his gold), this is basically “Take 15% more damage and do like 600 more damage per shot to Bio and 600 less to mech than your normal skill”.

Someone should test it and post the results but I’m confident that its pretty much a downgrade.


I think it’s worse on paper, Salvatore makes up for it like sogui said in bounties and armor reduce, heckler on the other hand seems worse tbh, I only have a gold 7* so maybe some with a plat 8* to confirm this?

I love heckler. His legendary skin though is so meh I was hoping it would make him more relevant like what nightingale’s skin achieved. But it’s a meh sidegrade as mentioned.

Would have been better if the superclock added more relevant debuffs, improved damage better instead of just scaling it to pure elemental, repair while on superclock mode etc. It was suppose to be “legendary”

I guess I will continue to save up nanodust, because this is a very unattractive upgrade for Heckler.

Worst legendary skin there is. If I wouldn’t have gotten it from a random crate never would’nt have bought it .

@RequiemPrime, save up for Nightingale’s or the next to come out. If it’s worth it.