Helios Descends

Greetings. Can anyone give me tips on how to win easily in Helios descends? It seems 95% of the time, i lose even with a team 6,000 above the required power. Any helpful advice is appreciated

Hideo and Caine are a nuisance… I usually take them out and the rest is history. I also have halo at plat…that helps


Yeah, take out Caine then Hideo then Anvil and you should be fine.


Second wave target priority:

  1. Helios machine gun (it should be mostly dead before the heroes show up)
  2. Caine (absolute must-kill if you’re struggling)
  3. Hideo
  4. Anvil (Not really necessary unless you’re really having a hard time)
  5. Helios vent (either one)

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