How can i survive in 11-9 hard mission?

These are my heroes appreciate youre help guys :slight_smile:

Go back in time, Get Mauler and Oracle, Annihilate the Helios

Or go to the search function and take a look at all the other threads about that mission…

I used this. Hivemind’s drones eat most of the incoming rockets and MG fire. I controlled Dogface and targeted the engines. No one ever dropped below half health, except for drones, which got chewed relentlessly. Good luck.

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Pro tip: when the Helioses(?) are about to use their machine guns, wait for 1 second (if that’s wrong, wait half a second; I don’t remember clearly), THEN roll. You’ll dodge most of the bullets that way.

For me, Plat Maven and Plat Dogface duo dps plus trio supports helped me a lot in this stage.

I used Fischer and he kicked the Helioses down like nothing.

That bug is fixed now the level is extremely hard to win they really should lower the damage from the enemy missiles
I am happy that I won it before they fixed that bug because now I cant win it but I already won 13-5hard

Dog, mandrak, ifrit, night butter

I finally 3*:ed today using these heroes. I have been trying with Mandrake before but he isn’t good for this stage as the invisibility doesn’t help again the huge radius of those missiles.

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