Helios Rises!

Is anyone else kind of tired of grinding out endless Gorgon Wakes to get your silver grenade fix (and also a massively excessive supply of the other three types)?

Maybe it’s time for Gorgon to take a nap for a month now and then. I think it would be fun to see a co-op raid based on the new District 11 campaign boss, Helios! Give the grenades a rest for a month, too, and fork out some other heavy-use ingredients, like knives & stars or maybe canister frags!


Bruh, I’m always out of Silver grenades. Having throwing knives and stars mixed into the loot pool would be nice though.

A little off topic but the devs seriously need to rework manual controls and A.I. movement priorities because those Helios planes in the District kick some serious ass. How are you gonna dodge 112k+ damage missiles and a Gatling gun when the game sometimes doesn’t even allow you to move left or right?


@IceKobold YES, YES, AND YES

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