Hero Backdrop Concepts

What if heroes had unique backdrops that suit their background? E.g Alcatrez in a police armoury, Artemis in an archery range, Heckler on a worn battlefield with other bots? Imo it would look much better than just seeing the hero in the middle of a random road. Let me know what you think :smiley:

(These backdrops would essentially replace the street backdrop you see when you click on your heroes to upgrade and inspect them)


Cool idea! Would take a year to get an environment artist to design and render unique locations for close to a hundred heroes. Not a great return on investment, unfortunately.

I like the street. It gives the Heroes a sense of cohesion, reminding you they all fight in the same world.


I think that maybe something like each faction could have its own…that way it is scaled down a lot but still cool…like the uaf air or uaf


Beat me by a few seconds :sob:

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Maybe in faction style it would be cool, like said, uav in some armory, the watch in a outpost etc

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I think this is cool idea and all… but…

Am I the only one wondering who’s blood is on the floor right behind Alcatraz? I mean it’s not every day you find a pool of blood on the floor. :wink:


He spilt ketchup, leave the man alone


Give HH money and they will spend that on personal hero backgrounds lol. :joy:

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