Hero Buffs - 7.9



(Values correspond to a maxed hero)

:arrow_right: Power changed from 33,842 to 40,448
:arrow_right: Health changed from 570,900 to 1,323,700
:arrow_right: Armor changed from 4,260 to 5,376
:arrow_right: Elemental Armor changed from 3,065 to 4,396
:arrow_right: Critical Chance changed from 2% to 5%
:arrow_right: Defensive Mod changed from 1295 to 1480
:arrow_right: Elemental Defensive Mod changed from 1017.5 to 1480


:large_blue_diamond: Damage to Cover changed from 56.34 to 84.51

(Values correspond to a maxed hero)

Bronze Ability: Assassination

Slashes the targeted enemy for massive damage, dealing 350,004 Damage (was 276,918).

If the target was below 50% Health, they take 50,010 Elemental Damage per second (was 34,106) and are Heal Blocked for 8 seconds.

Silver Ability: Poison Caltrops

No changes to ability stats, see “Additional Changes”;

Gold Ability: Blood Pact

Each time this Hero kills an enemy he restores 100,552 Health per second (was 15,390) and reduces all incoming Damage by 30% (was 10%) for 6 seconds (was 4 seconds).

Platinum Ability: Opportunist

This Hero’s attacks and abilities deal bonus damage against weakened enemies, dealing 40,016 Damage (was 20,594) to enemies below 50% Health.

Ruby Ability: Doing Damage

No Changes;


:gear: Changes to Silver Ability: Poison Caltrops

  • Increased the Projectile Speed of “Poison Caltrops” by 44.44%;
  • Decreased the Cooldown duration of “Poison Caltrops” to 24 seconds;
  • Increased the AI chance of casting “Poison Caltrops” by 25%;


(Values correspond to a maxed hero)


:arrow_right: Power changed from 31,212 to 41,509
:arrow_right: Health changed from 1,269,675 to 1,575,300
:arrow_right: Damage changed from 43,307 to 64, 511
:arrow_right: Elemental Damage changed from 21,164 to 38,623
:arrow_right: Armor changed from 6,970 to 8,634
:arrow_right: Elemental Armor changed from 4,130 to 6,131
:arrow_right: Critical Chance changed from 3% to 8%
:arrow_right: Offensive Mod changed from 2127.5 to 2960
:arrow_right: Elemental Offensive Mod changed from 647.5 to 1572.5
:arrow_right: Defensive Mod changed from 2220 to 2405
:arrow_right: Elemental Defensive Mod changed from 1387.5 to 2035


:large_blue_diamond: Reload Time: changed from 3 to 2.3
:large_blue_diamond: Damage to Cover: changed from 165.41 to 263.16
:large_blue_diamond: Damage per Second: changed from 64,471 to 103,134
:large_blue_diamond: Damage per Shot: changed from 48,475 to 77,544

(Values correspond to a maxed hero)

Bronze Ability: Serve and Protect

Heals all allied Heroes for 20 seconds, restoring 35,169 Health per second (was 19,188).

If an allied Hero falls below 50% Health while [Serve and Protect] is active, a random allied Hero gains 495,529 Health (was 114,954), Taunts the enemy team for 15 seconds and for each fallen allied Hero, recovers an additional 49,804 Health per second (was 13,606).

Silver Ability: Kill Shot

Fires a powerful shot dealing 385,567 Damage (was 144,210) at the targeted enemy. If the target is damaged by [Kill Shot], reduce the cooldown of the next [Kill Shot] by 30%.

Gold Ability: Last Stand

The first time this Hero takes lethal damage, he gains [Last Stand] for 12 seconds.

While [Last Stand] is active, this Hero is Rooted and cannot be killed, his weapon gains a 30% faster fire rate (was 15%) and deals an additional 55,307 Attack Damage (was 30,649).

If an enemy dies before the effect expires, this Hero is Revived with 990,880 Health (was 256,343). If the effect expires and no enemies were killed, this Hero dies.

Platinum Ability: Sheriff

This Hero gains 396,512 Health (was 157,952).

Whenever this Hero critically hits an enemy he reduces the cooldown of [Kill Shot] by 15%. If the enemy was below 50% Health this Hero deals an additional 38,575 Damage (was 13,227).

Ruby Ability: Tanked Up

A Tank’s job in any decent Team composition is to not only soak up damage, but also clear a path for your Heroes. This Hero takes 10% reduced damage, starts the match with 630,274 additional Health (was 508,125), 4,148 additional Elemental Armor (was 3,088) and deals an additional 35,090 Damage to Cover (was 23,852).


:gear: Changes to Bronze Ability: Serve and Protect

  • Increased the AI chance of casting “Serve and Protect” by 25%;

:gear: Changes to Silver Ability: Kill Shot

  • Increased the radius of “Kill Shot” by 40;



(Values correspond to a maxed hero)

:arrow_right: Power changed from 45,979 to 46,272
:arrow_right: Health changed from 1,299,075 to 1,340,100
:arrow_right: Critical Chance changed from 2% to 25%


No Changes;

(Values correspond to a maxed hero)

Bronze Ability: Nano Toxins

Creates a cloud of toxic nano particles to cover all enemies in the target area in toxic ashes. The movement speed of the affected enemies is slowed by 55% (was 50%) for 6 seconds and they receive 150,016 Elemental Damage per second (was 100,008) .

For each enemy affected by Nano Toxins, Spewage receives additional 150,458 Health (was 125,918) for the remainder of the match.

Silver Ability: Sewage Storm

No changes to ability stats, see “Additional Changes”;

Gold Ability: Volatile Toxins

Whenever the effect of Nano Toxins ends, there is 75% chance (was 50%) for a small toxin explosion. This explosion deals 400,035 Elemental Damage (was 350,003) in a small area.

Platinum Ability: Toxic Affinity

75% (was 60%) of the damage of Spewages abilities bypass enemy shields.

Spewage receives additional 721,474 Health (was 700,921) at the start of each match.

Ruby Ability: Tactician

No changes;


:gear: Changes to Bronze Ability: Nano Toxins

  • Increased the AI chance of casting “Nano Toxins” by 25%;

:gear: Changes to Silver Ability: Sewage Storm

  • Increased the AI chance of casting “Sewage Storm” by 25%;

:gear: Changes to Gold Ability: Volatile Toxins

  • Increased the area of effect of “Volatile Toxins’ by 33.33%;

Odachi having an actual health bar is quite nice.

Gammond is still quite useless to an extent but he’s a 3 star tank so it’s expected.
He can deal some damage at least, but his healing is a bit low still.
Hes more tanky now but otherwise useless. Seeing kill shot with actual damage is nice though.
• I do suggest that kill shot should regenerate 50% of its charge per hit instead of 30%.
• I also suggest reducing the time his healing ability is active, in exchange for reducing the charging time for it.
• I suggest allowing Gammond to charge his healing ability while it’s active.
• Finally I suggest lowering his reload further to 2.0 seconds and possibly improving his ammo count by 2-3 bullets. it’s quite an ineffective weapon in most settings.

Annnd Spewage,
it’s really nice to see he hasn’t been forgotten. Even though he already had one buff, this is still not enough. I propose a few changes to make him a sought after hero for players to get.
(I do have to add, the 25% crit chance boost is a very welcome addition, and improves his capabilities to a viable damage dealing standard.)
Possible changes to improve Spewages performance
1: Make the “Nano Toxins” effect from the Bronze active ability uncleanseable. (Don’t know how possible this is, but I’ve seen effects be added and taken away from abilities during the HH days, so I don’t know if y’all know how to do it as well.)
2: Lower his reload, it’s a bit long and has its fair share of painful moments where you tend to loose the reload quite a lot since you’re reloading more often than you’re firing with this hero. (Very possible to implement)
3: Perhaps grant spewage the ability to healblock enemies effected by his “Nano Toxins” effect from his bronze ability, would make him much more potent at taking out targets. (Don’t know how possible this is, but I’ve seen effects be added and taken away from abilities during the HH days, so I don’t know if y’all know how to do it as well.)
4: Change the bonuses of Spewages Mythical skin “Aspid” to be less Bio-Chem damage based, and instead more health and critical damage based. It will allow him to be more potent as those effects help him much more than any others. (This change should be very possible, as many mythic skins have had their bonuses changed in a previous update not too long ago.)
5: Lower the casting speed of the “Nano Toxins” active ability. It’s just long enough to be slightly detrimental to helping him get back to the fight and fulfilling his role. (Very possible)

Suggestions for the future with Spewage;
These are likely harder to implement, so consider them a bit of a reach in terms of suggestions. They are mostly additions or drastic changes.
• lower the amount of damage spewage does to himself when using the Silver active ability, but increase the damage output. Currently he deals the same amount of damage to himself as his enemies, but this rarely pays off, even when paired with the bonus damage from his bronze. • Perhaps increase the damage done to enemies up to 25% of his maximum HP, but only deal 10% of his maximum HP as damage to himself. This suggestion might be harder to implement.
• If you ever find out how to change his or any heroes ruby ability, Spewage desperately needs a different one. The Tactician ruby ability does not fit him well. He has fast ability charge rates, so it practically provides no bonus to him in most matches. He could really use the doing damage ability, or even the executioner ability. He is a 7 star hero after all, so perhaps that rare ruby ability would fit him well.
• Perhaps the ability to heal for a percentage of the damage done by Nano Toxins would make him a more potent hero. This bonus could possibly be added to the platinum bonus effect he gains during matches.

Thank you for your time Deca, if you did indeed take the time to read my suggestions. Have a wonderful day and thank you for improving upon one of my favorite heroes, just hoping he could be a bit more viable in the current Meta of the game where most of the other Deca made heroes are far superior to him, and thus more sought after.