Hero Concept: Akuma the Burning Soul


Faction_ColorIcon MERCENARY

Akuma, the Burning Spirit, is summoned into the community gallery! With powerful fire abilities buffing him and dealing damage back onto his enemies, Akuma may be the most powerful hero yet!

Primary Weapon: Flaming Fist
Skills Header

Soul of Fire
Bronze Skill - Active Ability
Boosts his defense for 10 seconds, dealing Energy Damage to any enemies who attack him. The affected enemies are disoriented for 5 seconds.

Silver Skill - Active Ability
Akuma puts the targeted enemy on fire, causing them to take Energy damage until the end of the mission The targeted enemy’s movement speed is slowed by 30% while [Hellflames] is active.

Chained Soul
Gold Skill - Passive Ability
Whenever Akuma is critically hit, he has a 15% chance to deal energy damage back onto his attacker. If the attacker is killed, Akuma gains health for the rest of the mission.

Infernal Blades
Platinum Skill - Passive Ability
Akuma gains energy damage

Tanked Up
Ruby Skill - Passive Ability
This Hero gains an Elemental Armor bonus as well as dealing additional damage to cover.

How can I get Akuma?!

You can’t lol, he’s not a real hero.

What do you think of Akuma? Let me know in the comments!

Do you like Akuma?
  • Yes, I love him!
  • Meh, he’s ok.
  • Nah, I hate him!

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Wow, I really liked how you created this concept in the form of a hero spotlight. Super creative, and makes me want to complete several of my unfinished concepts. :+1:t2:


Really nice formatting! Don’t forget to credit the original artist!

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