Hero Idea: Amaterasu

Amaterasu: Sun of the Underground
Front-Line Tank/Nuke
Yakuza/People’s Guard
Bow: Vehement Star
Health/Defensive Rating: 5/5
Damage: 4/5
Fire Rate: 1 shot per/second
Clip size: 1
Reload time: 2 seconds

A high ranking official of the Yakuza. He has used newly stolen klg tech to harvest and amplify the dense power of the sun, allowing him to use heavy heat and gravity, nullifying most ice and time based skills.

[Sun Storm] Bronze
Charges up a heavy flare that leaves a burn lasting for 10 seconds. Does (Heavy) area damage and purges the injured of all beneficial effects.

[Gravitational Pull] Silver
The user plants a Neutron Seed, creating a heavy gravity disturbance and pulling in 75% of all bullets whether or not the guns are pointed at him. He gets rooted, (Medium) armour, and 30% bullet resistance while its active. Lasts 15 seconds.

[Blast Burn] Gold
Gain 10% Crit rate and (medium) crit bonus on burning victims. Shots are also more accurate.

[Nova] Platinum
When he reaches one health, he becomes invulnerable, rooted, and pulls in 60% of all attacks for 10 seconds. After which, he blows up dealing (Extreme) mech damage to the 2 closest enemies. Burns away any beneficial effects.

Since he and Surge have power over gravity, they arent bound by time. Why does that matter? Im working on my next hero who is heavily based on controlling it, so im posting his counter early. Im also introducing my own faction, the Yakuza, but im not sure if i should just mix them with People’s Guard.