Hero Concept: Android

unnamed ANDROID

unnamed-2 PATRIOTS

Android, the Artificial Intelligence, joins the Hunt!

Weapon - Energy Blasts


IMG_1615 2

Bronze Skill - Active Ability
Android strengthens his armor, causing it to produce a high-pitched tone upon impact, making him Immune to all Damage and instead damaging the enemy that attacks him for an amount of time.

Android Army
Silver Skill - Active Ability
This Hero teleports a random drone from his army to the battlefield. The drone will either be a Juggernaut who has increased Damage, a Scout who has an increased Critical Hit Chance, or an Interceptor who has an increased Rate of Fire.

Gold Skill - Passive Ability
This Hero increases his armor’s durability, making Titanium last longer.

Self Destruct
Platinum Skill - Passive Ability
When Android dies, his robot body will fly toward an enemy and will start to burn so hot that it disintegrates all matter around it.

Ruby Skill - Passive Ability
This Hero starts each battle with their Bronze and Silver Skills partially charged. Charge value increases with Skill level. They also gain additional Armor and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.

What do you think of Android? Let me know down below!

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