Hero Idea: Mech

This one is kind of cliche but how a hero who talks on the phone Lol

Name: Hotshot
Position: Rear
Weapon: Pistol

Bronze: Mr. Big Stuff… Taunts the enemy and if critical dmg has been taken, a shield appears for 10 secs. This skill is him picking up the phone and ignoring the enemy
Silver: Angry text: Confuses the enemy in turn makes the enemy deals dmg to themself. This skill is him angrily texting at the enemy
Gold: Talk to the Hand - A random hero gains the power of silence. We know what talk to the hand means
Plat: Can you hear me now? All allied heroes gain crit dmg when this hero taunts

And I imagine him as a slender guy in a armored business suit perfect for the battlefield with a suitcase on this outfit representing a business guy

Awww no one likes my new hero idea, keeping this open now Lol

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