Hero Concept: Coyote the Clever Smuggler

Icon_ElementEnergy Coyote

Faction_ColorIcon People’s Guard

Coyote, the “Clever Smuggler”, is joining the community gallery! Coyote hides himself during battle and boosts allies weapons, finishing the fight in a flash.

Primary Weapon: Street SMG

Skills Header

Black Market Quality
Bronze Skill - Active Ability

Coyote calls in a shipment of black market quality weapons, boosting all allied heroes weapons. All allied heroes damage, fire rate, and reload rate are boosted by a 25% (Percentage goes up 1% every 5 levels).

Cowardly Instincts
Silver Skill - Active Ability

Coyote gains Invisibility for 12 seconds, healing his cover for 100% and recovering health per second. Coyote is Rooted while Cowardly Instincts is active. If the cover in front of Coyote is destroyed, Cowardly Instincts is ended early.

Final Stand
Gold Skill - Passive Ability

Whenever an ally hero falls below 25% health, the allied hero with the most health taunts the enemy team for 5 seconds, gaining attack damage and all allied heroes recover health per second. Final Stand can only trigger once per allied hero. If the taunting allied hero dies while Final Stand is active, all allied heroes recover 100% of their skill cooldowns.

Left for Dead
Platinum Skill - Passive Ability

Whenever Coyote first dies, he triggers Left for Dead which lasts for 10 seconds While Left for Dead is active, the allied hero with the most health taunts the enemy. The taunting hero receives 15% less damage from attacks and gains health. If the hero is alive by the time Left for Dead expires, Coyote is revived to 75% health.

Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

Coyote gains bonus Armor and Dodge chance.

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