Hero Concept: Wilhelm, Kurtz secret scientist

Backstory: Wilhelm was always a different kind of scientist. Some say he was mad. Where his colleagues saw him as mad, there were those who saw him more of gifted. Kurtz had been interested in his experiments and always saw a vision of him going beyond and succeeding in his failed experiments. Given his own secret lab, Wilhelm hopes to be able to complete his work without trouble and to help Kurtz in any way possible to win the war. After all…Kurtz saw something that nobody else did.

Bronze: Test Subject (injects himself with an experiment. results may vary (health overtime, better healing, shield, stronger attack) this lasts for a short time)
Silver: Test Subject 2 (releases a drone to aid you in combat (drone could heal, could attack or could restore cover)
Gold: bronze abilities have a chance to spread to allies
Plat: EMP (release a shockwave that damages enemies and has a 5% chance to stun.)
Ruby: havent looked into these, but whatever bonus they get will be predetermined. so whatever is fine.

I do wish to try to draw a concept of my own. will try to do so later when i get on my tablet.


When does the plat activate?

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I really like Wilhelm’s Bronze Ability! It’s very cool and interesting how the results could vary between help revived, damage dealt, and what not.

I also really like his Silver Ability! Only thing though, it’s needs a better name.

The Gold Ability is also a good idea, in which it can be spread across to allies. Very interesting!

Same question was @Vintermyst, what activates it?

For the Wilhelms Ruby Ability, I would probably say that he is a support hero, meaning he will get the Ruby Ability “Supported”.

Debating on it being linked to the amount of health he drops below (kinda like a moment to save himself recovery time). Don’t want it to be random at the start of each round or activated constantly because of balance reasons.

As for the silver/bronze names…I’m gonna have to think on that. Give it something unique or clever. It will come to me

Definitely go for that concept! Maybe try out the style of the developer hero concepts!

Keep it up!

I have a character in mind that will act as an inspiration to the design. If I can pull it off, I’ll post it.

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First time using the draw function on this tablet. And with no artistic background, this is how it turned out. Thought about either a mask, but did a helmet cause that seemed easier to do. But yeah, I tried.


That’s a pretty good drawing!