Hero Concept: Xenophaestus - Alien Restorer (Meta Lineup Counter)

Name: Xenophaestus

Element: Mech
Faction: The Watch
Position: Midline

Quote: “ *10111000110.”

Role: Meta Line Up Counter

*An alien set to restore Earth from the war

Weapon: Laser Pistol


Psionic Reconstruction (Active) - repairs all cover

Golden Armor (Active) - Provides an armor pack to all allied heroes. Whenever the allied hero is damaged, they spend their charge of Golden Armor reducing the incoming damage by 90%, dealing damage and silencing the enemy attacker for 3 seconds. Lasts up to 10 seconds.

Quantum Shield (Passive) - Activates a shield at the start of the mission to all allied heroes that reduces damage from skill

Karma (Passive) - When an allied hero is killed, all enemy targets become silenced and take mechanical damage per second for 5 seconds

Don’t forget the rules! Always source your art. See pinned topic for details.

Removed the art now. Not really planning to put an art.

Munin back at watching our backs, keep it up man we are glad you’re full on back!

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