Hero fragment use case

Hi All,

I have a simple question relating to hero fragments, at the moment the highest level i have a few characters is at 6 stars. I wanted to know if I should already be using the fragments on heros or should i wait until i get a hero to 7 star before i use fragments as i dont want to waste them.
My main team that i have been using for missions is (currently stuck at 12-5):


Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide.

I am bit new to game, as I have around few 7-8*. I use fragments mostly on those characters which aren’t farmable, like I would use on Kobold but not on Dogface or Night. But mostly I use fragments on month’s faction.

Try using it on Razor if he is in your main team. Most will say it is not good use but I would say that important for you would be to get higher stages as quickly as possible. Razor will be farmable at, I think chapter 10 hard, so you can finish him to 10* quickly and start using heronium store.

Currently meta is bit on mech and I guess it will shift to bio-chem soon. Make sure you work on multiple characters(7 or 8, minimum) since you may need different character combination for particular mission in campaign. Good luck!

Thank you for your feedback on this, I will keep your suggestions above in mind as a try to level up my toons. Thanks again.