Hero Hunter 2, a sequel

I think that this game deserves a sequel, I think maybe it should be a third person shooter where you can actually move around as the character you chose to play as but still have a cover based system, it being if you move a character near cover, they automatically get in position. I’d imagine that with the team based gameplay will be great and plus there can be good maps in pvp and co op to play on. Maybe the modes that can be for pvp should be capture the flag, protect the payload, defend the base, also heroes that were eliminated should respawn after I believe 5 seconds. For co op, it be like it was originally, Boss Raids, but with this new type of gameplay it will be somewhat different due to the freedom of movement. And most of all, there could be a change in graphics and look to the characters “possible updated looks or redesigns” and possible new factions

Nooooooooooooo! Don’t do it! This game is still fine and well and doesn’t need any sequel, I put too much into this game!!! (Clyde better be in it if this happens)

i have seen many mobile games get a sequel with a different gameplay style than the original source, only for it to die within months of release. and the try to be the next big thing.

would rather see the current game be worked on rather than sending others to a potential doom.


I mean they gotta put the familiar and loved characters in it but they’re probably gonna have a enhanced look

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