What if Hero Hunters's gameplay was similar to COD Black Ops III?

What would u think about that?
Think about this:

  • Active Skills (There are 2 active skills, so we can swap them out like Phantom Shot then swap out to Amp Up)

  • Passive Skills (These will be acquired when promoted or leveling heroes up to tiers like from green tier to platinum and some abilities that wouldn’t work like Baron’s Plat or Cinder’s both passive skills.)

  • Covers/Structures (Cover would be the same as in this game like fences, cars or random cargo. Structures are like buildings, unbreakable. If adding this, skills like Baron’s or Cinder’s Platinum would work)

  • Healers (These skills will have a range, like Heal Pulse and Transfusion, they must be close enough to heal others. Some skills like Scavenge, Stronger Together, and Protective Glow must heal at a certain amount so that these skills won’t be so OP)

  • Modes:

  • Raids: Characters in all 3 main raids will be the bosses of solo raids and coop raids would be similar.

  • PvP: Different Modes like Point Capture, Siege, Deathmatch and more.

  • Campaign: Apply the story in the physics of COD.

  • Bounty: One server will have 100 players, and a scoreboard will be posted in the players’ lobby, showing the top players in the server and prizes to the people who can take down the top players.

  • Ressurection: If the player dies, there will be a timer until you resurrect at the spawn point. Also, skills like Clear and Unfinished Business will revive them immediately.

Other ideas will come out soon
What do u guys think?

Actually i really wanted a different gamemode on hero hunters where we could freely walk and do different activities like Capture the flag, push the cart, or just team deathmatch. You only get to use one hero at a time, but you can switch during the death screen, and only one player on each team can be that hero. Its probably too complicated to add so many things in a 3d mobile game, and it would be hell to balance, but i can dream.

Edit: Passives should be aoe, nightingales platinum could only heal players near her. Same with mandrake or ifrit so you cant invis/rez from all the way across the map.

I get that mate. HH in a 3d version might be chaotic

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