Hero Hunters bug - Alvarez shots

checkout the video here

Here i share what might make you guys happy. Despite of its bug, Alvarez bug shots is benefit us. Which originally he shots 5 bullet per mag with quite delayed time per shot, practically he can shots between 6 to 9 bullets per magazine/clip. Yet i’ve checked on heroes detail, none of them has boosts bullet numbers.

I tested this on Gorgon coop mode, with Auto control. All plat heroes. Dunno if this is also applied on other coop & pvp too or not. If so, it will be great. Since some vet players have said that Alvarez + Halo combo is evil too.

Pssst… Please dont tell Dev about this, otherwise he will be fixed. lol

Any opinion & questions? Let me know here,
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“Pssst… Please dont tell Dev about this, otherwise he will be fixed. lol”

You do realize that the Devs can read, and will read everything posted on forums? :wink:

They probably already know about it.

hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, haha, for you, its already too late

@Oxrello I’m curious what the point of your YouTube channel is, are you just uploading clips and stuff like this that you want to or are you working on guide related stuff/ walkthroughs?

Also, your Channel is region locked to Indonesia meaning your videos are not available in some places, I am in the UK and your channel won’t load without a VPN

Oh really? I still learn to this youtube thing & dont know about region stuff. I’ll fix it later.

In earlier i intend to make walkthrough stuff in my region only, but some ppl demanding it for english language too.

Time length is a main issues, since to uploading them is huge in GB & to upload 1hours full is need like one thirth of day in here, so in the future maybe i’ll make them apart and/or clips only.

Content will be vary also.


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Oops. :sweat_smile:

Really, i love this bug. If only he stay like that in all game modes, that would be great.
Plus i imagine in near future pvp, Mandrake will commonly paired with Duran. Who will be shut their skills then? :smile_cat: