Would you like to see forged fantasy be fully developed?

Note: Do not attack the devs, they have no part in the development of this game. This is me being genuinely curious, wanting to see the community feedback and opinion.

For those of you who do not know, an entirely separate team at Hothead Games is developing a new game called Forged Fantasy, which is a clone of Hero Hunters. I must admit that I am strongly against the game for many reasons, but that is just my opinion.

I would genuinely like to know how the community feels about this game, and have made a survey to see the community’s opinion on the game.

Feel free to point out arguments for and against the development of the game in the comments, make sure to read those before taking the survey.

Here are some links to help you all get a perspective of the game.

Forged Fantasy Facebook Page

Forged Fantasy Gameplay

My Argument Against Forged Fantasy

Discord Forged Fantasy Channel (On the Hero Hunter’s Official Discord)

The Poll

Please have organized and civilized discussions. Arguments are good when they have meaningful discussion, are polite and respectful, and consider everyone’s opinions. This is us as a community coming together to express and share our opinions to each other.

Personally I am not attracted to Forged Fantasy. I fell for Hero Hunters because it was NOT another fantasy themed game but still with a really good collection of characters, decent RPG elements, good collecting of loot and etc. and etc. I can not say I am against Forged Fantasy. :slight_smile: Why… Would I be?
I bet it will find its audience and I hope these 2 games can coexist, learn from each other and maybe have shared content in the future (like, wouldn’t it be awesome it Ryker somehow got teleported into Forged Fantasy and had to fight trolls?).

Wow that looks interesting. They’ll cannibalize their own market. But some whale will pay on both ends sooo greedily smart? Haha

But if Im given the chance to become a beta player here with a lot of post-launch cuddling and perks, why not. HAHA

Last I heard was that BETA players will lose their progress when it released globally.
I tried the game, I wasn’t impressed. So far most of the characters are clones of Hero Hunters characters but in new Tolkien skins. There’s also some melee fighting that was… clunky. I’m meh.

And they said Infinity War was the most ambious crossover ever!

It was OK but we need Deadpool in the sequel.
Because, hmmm, :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: there will be a sequel right? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

You are right, i have it installed and got a in game message stating that all progress made would be lost upon release, but we will get a “gift pack” of some sort so i stopped grinding and such, now just waiting for more features releasing to try.

Did you use an apk or the real instalment trough Google play store, Apple app store?

Cause the first one doesn’t give you anything

I used google play store

I want to play it but can’t see it in my search results.

I heard its only in North America for now

I’d like the game to be completed and will play it definitely. But i hope HH gets new staff to bring new updates and keep the both games live for a long time. Otherwise, one would be getting less attention.

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