Hero idea #11, Echelon

ec8f61606d7e5dfdce881bffa661e7244fcf736c Echelon, the Decorated Spymaster has arrived!

Two steps ahead of the enemy, Echelon directs the flow of battle and aids her allies to advance her interests.

  • Working her way up from field operative to Wesson’s second in command, she’s responsible for many of both the UAF and UAF Airborne’s operations.
  • After a long-lasting infiltration of the Patriots’ ranks, Fiber discovered her agents and worked her way back to Echelon, divulging her identity to the other factions.
  • Facing constant threat, she decided to move to the offensive and actively neutralize threats to the UAF.

Uafairborne_transparent Stepping out of the shadows, Echelon is joining the fight as the head of the UAF Airborne.


Surveyor’s Strike
Bronze Skill - Active Ability

  • This hero launches an attack on all enemies, decloaking and dealing X damage to each. Enemies below 50% health are heal blocked for ten seconds. Enemies above 50% health are disoriented for ten seconds.

Jack of all Trades
Silver Skill - Active Ability

  • This hero cycles through her weapons. In addition to a submachine gun, this hero also carries a sniper rifle and a shotgun.
    • The sniper rifle deals X damage, penetrates shields, and has a magazine size of five.
    • The shotgun deals X damage, X damage to cover, and has a magazine size of eight.
    • This skill has an instant cooldown, and the weapon switch lasts until the next use.

Quickload Mags
Gold Skill - Passive Ability

  • All allied heroes have a 35% chance to instantly reload a new magazine upon emptying their current one. For the duration of their next magazine, they gain an additional X attack damage and a 10% faster fire rate.

Mind Games
Platinum Skill - Passive Ability

  • Any enemy with less remaining health than this hero has their reload rate decreased by X% and cannot critically hit. Additionally, whenever an enemy activates a skill, all allies recover 10% skill charge.

Sleeper Agent
Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

  • All enemy attacks have a 5% to instead target the nearest ally of theirs. Enemies affected by Mind Games have an X% increased chance.

Other Stats and Stuff

  • Midline Hero
  • Weapon Type: Submachine Gun
  • Health: 3/5
  • Armor: 3/5
  • Damage: 3/5
  • Base Stars: 5

Bonus Lore: She once got involved in a land war in Asia.

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