Hero`s frag trade or donate option

HeY FrIeNdS…

Can we ask Dev`s to give us an option to donate or trade hero frags…???

What would u say???


I would say that it would kill the games balance.
Smurfing frags with a small account and giving it to the main account would guarantee 10* heroes in weeks.

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Maybe its an idea for you own account only
Let say tou have 100 ryker fragemens but want a other mech hero to evolve so you can transfer the ryker frags to the other mech hero
Let say on a ratio 2:1 or 3:1

isn’t that what heronium is for ?

granted it only become actives once you 10* a specific hero.

As a whole though, the idea of trading frags between players in a game like this is always a way to invite exploits.

Yea but you need to get a 10star hero first to get heronium and for most players who dont pay for the game and dont play for a long time its hard to get a 10star hero

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