Legendary Skins?

Hey finally saved up enough nanodust for a legendary skin, what are your recommendations?

For a little bit of context, in order of power ranking:
Nightingale is my most powerful hero out of the 4 I can craft, but I already have Silent Night for her
I really like Steele and his play type but haven’t pushed him past silver and he’s only 5 stars, is it worth leveling him up to get the skin?
Just got Salvador, he’s my lowest powered character and only has 3*, but with the magistrates event should I buff him to help with bounties and PvP?
Haven’t even gotten Heckler but after all of this and considering he’s 5* I might save for him

And of course you can just give me the pros and cons of each new ability for those that have it and the pros and cons of each hero considering I will be doing a bunch of promoting to make the skin more relevant

The thing about the legendary skins is that it changes one of their moves. So for nightingale, her healing would target everyone, and not just a single hero.

There isn’t many choices for legendary skins, but doesn’t hurt to eventually own them all. I’d still say get nightingale skin is pretty helpful

Honestly the best is Nightingale as she can now do team-wide healing, plus it works alongside her passive healing

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