Hero Spotlight: Briar!



Gwyneth, aka ‘Briar,’ has figured out a way to bend Heronium to her will. Zero Day destroyed the environment she loved. Now, she fights to repair the damage by inflicting it on her enemies. A capable healer, Briar uses Heronium-empowered plants to suck life from her enemies to heal her allies.


Leech Life

Bronze Ability
Briar drains the targeted enemy’s life and transfers it to the allied Hero with the lowest Health. Restored Health is equal to the damage dealt.

Bramble Blockade

Silver Ability
Thorny vines burst from the ground dealing Damage to all enemies. Enemies struck have a chance to be Rooted for a time.

Virile Spores

Gold Ability - Passive
Enemies that Briar Damages may gain a charge of Virile Spores, up to a maximum of 5. When Leech Life is used on an enemy afflicted with Virile Spores, each stack deals Damage to a nearby enemy and restores Health to all allied Heroes. Using Leech life depletes all charges of Virile Spores on the targeted enemy.


Platinum Ability - Passive
Briar has a chance to recover Health whenever she Damages an enemy. Cultivate cannot activate more than once per second.

Where can I get Briar!?

Briar_Crate Briar_Raid Briar will be available through Crates & Co-op Raids!

What do you think of Briar??


Is this real or real fake?

Sounds good to me so far. Lately I’ve been a big fan of “hits all enemies” skills since I’m stuck at mission 13-9 lol.

@Pilfer I don’t think this much effort would be put in just for a joke :wink:

Briar is very real! :slight_smile:


J esperes juste qu elle sera disponible avant la chasse sinon bye bye Hero hunters

Faut préciser gratuitement, 30 balles le héros ça fait cher…

Mercenary faction month?

Hippy girl, lol. And common wife for Rangers faction.

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Since I can’t use caps, I’ve been waiting soo long for this faction to get a spotlight thanks Hothead!


Is this the actual next new hero or just an idea?

No dragon then? :cry:

Is this another prank?

I feel like I have already seen those skill icons.

She’s real, and she’s spectacular.


When the notes will be posted ?

Skill icons might be reused with heroes, if the skill matches the icon, or is relatable.

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So, it’s like dog’s platinium skill, Ifrit’s silver skill, Operator’s gold skill and maven’s bronze skill ?

This is fake. Bramble blockade has the same image as ifrit’s showtime. Viral spores has the same image as Caine’s Scrapper.

If this is a prank, you should have this posted before other two of yours.

I will not believe anything from you today @LordNikon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not a ranger. She’s a mercenary