Hero Spotlight: Illuminar


Since childhood, Seth and his brothers Kael and Orin had been inseparable. Seth, being the oldest, always felt responsible for the safety of his younger brothers so much so that his parents gave him the nickname of “Illuminar” as he was always able to light up his brother’s path, no matter how dire the situation was.

When Kael expressed his desire to join the military, Orin and Illuminar followed him without hesitation. With their unique abilities, they quickly rose through the ranks as skilled soldiers, with Illuminar specializing as a combat medic, Kael as a combat engineer, and Orin as a skilled sharpshooter.

When Day Zero arrived and plunged the world into darkness, the three brothers found themselves at the forefront of the nation’s defense. However, tragedy struck when Orin selflessly positioned himself as a human shield to protect Illuminar from a devastating explosion. While this succeeded in preserving the life of his eldest brother, the blast ravaged his own body, inflicting deep wounds and plunging him into a coma teetering on the edge of mortality.

Despite the collapse of the military and, soon after, the entire country, Illuminar and Kael persevered, surviving in the wasteland by taking refuge in an old-world military medical ward. There, they used its medical equipment to keep Orin’s motionless body alive while fending off raiders and other threats for years.

Over time Illuminar started noticing a shift in Kael’s behavior. He became increasingly reckless and violent, taking dangerous risks to find a way to wake up Orin, even if it jeopardized their survival. Despite Illuminar’s attempts to reason with him, Kael blamed him for what happened to Orin and began disappearing for days without explanation only to come back without saying where he was and what he was doing.

During one of his unexplained absences, Kael returned to the base and hastily went straight to Orin’s hospital ward. When Illuminar budged inside the ward he saw burned hands of Kael emitting a strange purple hue towards Orin’s body.

Illuminar confronted Kael about his actions, leading to a heated argument. At its peak, Kael revealed that he had been visiting a person named Keir, who had shared with him the power of the “void” and the potential of using a powerful heronium to wake up and save Orin. As he displayed the purple-tinged heronium to Illuminar, Illuminar sensed its corrupting influence immediately.

Illuminar was enraged to see Kael tampering with Orin’s body, and Kael was equally angry at Illuminar for dismissing his solution for their brother’s condition. The argument soon turned into a physical confrontation, with Kael taking the first swing. Illuminar fought back with all his strength, but Kael’s new found void powers gave him the upper hand, leaving Illuminar unconscious.

Upon regaining consciousness, Illuminar discovered himself alone in the room with only a note from Kael, stating that he had discovered a method to use the power of the Void to awake Orin and instructing Illuminar not to intervene. The note ended with a warning that Kael would not hesitate to harm him if he tried to interfere, accusing him of preferring their brother’s death over his survival.

Devastated, Illuminar kept a piece of the heronium dropped by Kael during their confrontation as a memento, knowing that he had lost his brothers to the darkness, determined to do everything possible to get them back. For years, he searched for Kael, hoping to bring his brothers back. As time passed, the power of the heronium he had been carrying seemed to fade, changing from purple to white with a yellowish hue.

One day, following rumors of Kael’s whereabouts, Illuminar stumbled upon a horrifying scene of countless UAF corpses scattered in old world ruins. In the distance, he heard a firefight happening, and when he got closer to investigate, he saw his brother Kael battling UAF troops, disfigured by the Void energies he was using. This was Illuminar’s chance to confront his brother by joining forces with the surviving UAF soldier.

The two brothers clashed in a brutal battle, amidst the aid of UAF soldiers assisting Illuminar. Despite the reinforcements, Illuminar found himself struggling to match the overwhelming Void powers unleashed by Kael. That is when a devastating void bolt from his brother’s enigmatic weapon grazed Illuminar’s face, engulfing him in purple smoke, he felt excruciating pain throughout his full body. Helpless and convulsing, he attempted to scream, but only stifled grunts escaped his lips.

Emerging from the smoke, Kael’s figure materialized. He pressed his foot against Illuminar’s chest, aiming his colossal crossbow-like weapon to unleash a lethal void energy blast upon the defenseless Illuminar. Shocked by the sight of his brother’s soulless gaze, knowing the imminent fate that awaited him, Illuminar stood soundlessly, unable to utter a single word. His eyes locked with his youngest brother turned monstrous, feeling an overwhelming sadness rather than regret or hatred—a profound sorrow at his perceived failure to protect and save his brothers.

And then it happened— as Kael pulled the trigger, the Heronium memento that Illuminar had safeguarded all those years suddenly emitted a blinding flash of light, enveloping both brothers. A protective aura encircled Illuminar, intercepting the destructive energy, while an unseen force propelled Kael backward as if gravity itself repelled him.

To everyone’s astonishment, Illuminar rose from the ground, seemingly healed of his injuries, and charged at his brother with unwavering determination. The clash between the two unleashed a mighty shockwave that shook the very foundations of the wasteland, hurtling them in opposite directions. Yet, upon returning to the point of impact, Illuminar discovered Kael’s absence, as if swallowed by the ether.

The surviving UAF were shocked by what they witnessed. They informed Illuminar that the individual he had fought against was a heartless mercenary known as "Ballista”. Though heartbroken from the events that unfold, within Illuminar surged a newfound grace—a spark of hope—a belief that this newfound power could be wielded to free his brothers from the clutches of the corrupting Void.

After witnessing the potential and good intentions of Illuminar, he was offered to join the UAF and was appointed to the newly rebuilt Elite airborne unit due to his high military old world rank and unique Astral powers. Illuminar accepted the proposal and continued to operate under the moniker that his beloved family gave him as a child.

Kael… or Ballista as they call him now was still out there somewhere, lost to the void, but Illuminar refused to give up on him. He knew that his brother was still in there somewhere, and he is determined to do whatever it takes to bring both of his brothers back.

Faction: UAF Airborne
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Element: Astral

Weapon: Assault Rifle

Illuminar is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!


Radiant Aura
(Bronze Skill - Active Ability)

Illuminar emits an aura around him for a duration of seconds. Illuminar and allied heroes within the aura take reduced damage by a set percentage, are immune to Stun and Silence effects, and have increased movement speed by a set percentage.

Every time an ally inside the zone takes damage, Illuminar’s total health increases by a set amount, which lasts until the end of the match.

While [Radiant Aura] is active, Illuminar Physical Damage is increased by a set amount, and Fire rate is increased by a set percentage.

Martyr’s Blessing
(Silver Skill - Active Ability)

Illuminar sacrifices a percentage of his current health, healing 3 allies with the least amount of health remaining for a set amount of Health, and adds the sacrificed amount of his health to the healed allies’ total health pool.

If this ability is used while [Radiant Aura] is active, all allies within the aura’s range will receive the heal and bonus health as well.
If any of the lowest health allies are within the aura, they will receive the heal and bonus twice.

Astral Radiance
(Gold Skill - Passive Ability)

At the start of the match, Illuminar receives a massive set amount of additional Health to his health pool. As Illuminar’s overall health decreases, his weapon damage increases. For every 1% of missing health, he gains a set percentage of increased physical damage.

Additionally, when Illuminar activates [Radiant Aura], all allied heroes within its range will gain a set percentage increased reload speed and deal a set percentage increased elemental damage with their weapons.

(Platinum Skill - Passive Ability)

Illuminar gains [Retribution] stack for each fallen ally, which increases his Armor by set amount and Elemental Armor by a set amount.

When Illuminar dies, he heals all allies for a set amount of Health and increases their health pool by a set amount of health for the remainder of the match.

If Illuminar has 2 stacks of [Retribution] when he takes lethal damage, he gains immunity for a duration of seconds and revives the most recently fallen allied hero with a set amount of Health. After the immunity duration runs out, Illuminar dies.

Tanked Up
(Ruby Skill - Passive Ability)

A Tank’s job in any decent Team composition is to not only soak up damage, but also clear a path for your Heroes. This Hero gains a X Elemental Armor bonus and deals an additional X Damage to Cover.

How can I get Illuminar?

Illuminar will be available in crates and through Co-Op raids!


Love the lord and abilities! But noooo a tank… oh well, he looks so sick tho, can’t wait to see him in action!


Poor Lancer​:joy::joy:
Looking good :ok_hand::ok_hand::heart:

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Do you have an idea for a seven star hero? Create a hero that alone is the biggest challenge of the game I hope we will all see new and interesting parts in the new update

I stand with Kael ㅤㅤ

Hey! But what happened to Orin’s body? Where is it?

Lost in the void of future secret hero

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Image Orin body will be used as base for a biological super mutant weapon

like a brainless war machine

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