Hero Spotlight: Jarek

Looks disappointing. Like a mix of the other 2 useless KLG Irregular frontlines.

Bypassing shields is pointless for tanks since the tanks never do enough damage to finish off a shielded target anyway, in the worst case the shielded target is near full health, getting a heal over time (i.e. Kobold), and the “shield skip” tank is just tickling their health bar instead of helping the team to actually breaking their shield.

I’m also tired of these gold passives that just give the active skills an effect they should have had from the beginning. How about…

“Whenever an any enemy is affected by a stun while already stunned, that enemy takes [big damage] and is lifted for X seconds.”

That would be a fun and powerful passive that encourages encourages more team synergy.

His plat fits right in with Richter and Yanlong as a major ZZZ passive. Armor is insignificant and damage reduction is useful, albeit boring, and it sounds heavily limited (short duration only after skill use). HHG couldve gone with something more exciting like a big cooldown reduction after a successful lift, instead we just get Richtlong.

Only thing that might save this guy for me is if his silver and gold actually do a TON of damage… but hes front line and HHG has an allergy to frontlines dealing good damage so I’m skeptical.

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