Hero Spotlight: Nyx



SUBJECT: Incident at KLG Experimental Facility

OPERATION NAME: Operation Razor



PREAMBLE: Emma “Nyx” Cole, an infiltrator from Alpha Squad, hereby provides a testimony regarding her abduction and experimentation at the KLG Experimental Facility. The following report provides a detailed account of the events leading up to her abduction, captivity, and subsequent rescue.

ORIGIN: Emma “Nyx” Cole’s father, SGM Jason Cole was a close friend to Captain Ajax ‘Ryker’ Jackson, and served as a Cavalry Scout assisting Alpha Squad in most missions before being paralyzed by injury during Operation Blacknoise. Inspired by his example, Emma “Nyx” Cole joined UAF in his honor. Prior to her enhancements, she excelled at weapon proficiency and modification, as well as exploiting enemy weaknesses in any given situation.

EVENTS LEADING TO ABDUCTION: On September 28th, she was summoned by Colonel Wesson, who offered her to join an exclusive special program with the goal to be trained as an Elite Soldier and be appointed to the UAF Airborne unit. She accepted the offer. On October 3rd, at 22:00, her convoy, alongside 15 other soldiers, started moving towards the UAF base codenamed: Castra

EVENTS DURING CAPTIVITY: At approximately 22:35, the convoy was ambushed by a Quad Tank model 5523. All UAF armored vehicles were destroyed during the engagement, and biological gas weapons were used to non-lethally neutralize the convoy’s personnel. When Emma “Nyx” Cole awoke, she found herself locked in a cell next to her fellow soldiers. They were made to do combat drills every day, and disobedience was punished with torture and starvation. Their captors did not ask any questions and did not require any information from them. The goals of their captors at the time were unknown. The captives were injected with unknown substances daily, and months later, they underwent surgeries that drastically altered their bodies. All these acts were ordered by a person known only as “The Scientist.”

EVENTS DURING “GRADUATION”: Approximately 22 days later, after the final surgery, they began taking prisoners away one by one, never to return. The guards spoke of a process called “Graduation.” It involved exposing them to a mix of experimental chemicals that should react with the modifications done to their bodies and the chemicals they were exposing them to for months. The result should either be agonizing death or the creation of human beings with inhuman perception, strength, and agility. With the combination of the modification of their bodies, they would be stripped of any free will, becoming obedient super soldiers.

Emma “Nyx” Cole was the last prisoner left five days later and was taken to a glass cell where “The Scientist” watched her every move remotely. She was injected with an unknown green substance, which she describes as if it was moving inside the injection "almost live like ". Soon after she experienced an excruciating pain that intensified by the second.

During the process, Nyx was spoken to by “The Scientist” revealing that she was his last hope for success in replicating a formula for accelerating human evolution without fatal side effects. Stating that he was once an assistant of a “naive prodigy” who aimed to accelerate human evolution. He revealed to her that he buried the reputation of said “prodigy” and made him believe that his research had been completely destroyed with the goal to have complete control over the newfound discovery. However, “The Scientist” had never managed to replicate the formula without fatal side effects. At the time of this report, the identity of the “Prodigy” is unknown to our UAF Intelligence.

Alongside the agony, Emma “Nyx” Cole began to notice changes in her perception, strength, and agility. She described the sensation as if everything appeared to be moving in slow motion, and that she could hear everything happening around her. Though overwhelming at first, Nyx stated that she began to adjust to the heightened senses and gained control over them as time passed by. The subject even became capable of hearing the heartbeats of nearby guards. Along with these effects, she started to feel stronger than ever before, and the pain began to subside.

EVENTS DURING OPERATION RAZOR: Approximately ten minutes after the injection, a UAF team led by Captain Ryker stormed the facility, causing a series of explosions. Emma “Nyx” Cole took advantage of the chaos to free herself with her newfound enhanced abilities and apprehend the guards. She then joined Alpha Squad to help them gain control of the facility.

During the firefight, a self-destruct sequence was activated presumably by “The Scientist”. Alpha squad had no choice but to evacuate. The facility exploded, and all traces of the experiment were destroyed.

CONCLUSION: Emma “Nyx” Cole was the only survivor, and she was later offered a position as Alpha Squad’s dedicated scout, which she accepted.
Resources were allocated with the goal to search and find the whereabouts of “The Scientist”. He needs to be captured alive. This threat is classified as grade “S”.


ADDITIVE: Despite initial reports indicating that Emma ‘Nyx’ Cole was the sole survivor, our scouts have discovered another individual with similar body enhancements. This individual appears to have undergone significant mutations and is currently being tracked by UAF Airborne squad. As of now, our resources are focused on locating and monitoring this individual in order to assess any potential threat they may pose.

Faction: UAF

Element: Biochem

Weapon: Omni V.A.R.E.X.

(If you wanna know what that abbreviation stands for, try to crack it :stuck_out_tongue: We might share…one day…)

Nyx is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!



Overwatch - Bronze Skill (Active Ability)

Nyx reinforces the defenses of herself and her allies, repairing all allied covers and rendering them invulnerable by constantly repairing them for a duration of seconds.

While this skill is in effect, Nyx becomes immune to any harmful effects and when an enemy moves or reloads, Nyx takes advantage of the opening to launch an attack dealing Elemental Damage. Each enemy can be hit by this attack only up to two times during the ability’s duration, once by moving and once by reloading.

If Nyx lands a hit with this ability on an enemy who is Disoriented, they will receive additional Elemental Damage.


Weapon Siphoning - Silver Skill (Active Ability)

Deals Elemental Damage to all enemies and afflicts them with [Weapon Siphoning] for duration of seconds, which fully depletes their Weapon Ammunition, reduces their Physical Damage by a percentage, Fire rate by a percentage and makes them Disoritended.

Then Nyx siphons their weapon power to her own, gaining additional percentage Physical Damage and percentage Fire Rate for a duration of seconds.


Enhanced Focus - Gold Skill (Passive Ability)

With each accurate hit, Nyx gains [Enhanced Focus] for a duration of seconds. Each stack increases her critical chance by a percentage and critical damage by a percentage up to a set amount of stacks. The duration is refreshed with each new stack.

When Nyx hits an enemy with a critical hit, all stacks of [Enhanced Focus] are reset and the enemy permanently receives [Weakened], which reduces their Movement speed by a small percentage and Reload speed by a small percentage. [Weakened] can stack up to set amount of stacks

Additionally, every time Nyx reloads, the first few bullets from her new magazine will deal additional Elemental Damage and cause Disorient to the enemy hit for a duration of seconds.


Adaptivity - Platinum Skill (Passive Ability)

Nyx has three ammunition types that she can switch to whenever she reloads:

7.66 mm Armor Pen Ammo: Deals additional Elemental Damage to Disoriented targets, penetrates Covers, and ignores a percentage of shields and set amount of enemy’s Armor. Nyx begins the match with this bullet type.

FHJ Ammo: Increases Nyx’s Magazine Capacity by a set amount of bullets and greatly increases Fire Rate by set amount of percentage, but she can’t deal Critical Hits, and her Elemental Attacks from her weapon are reduced by a set amount of percentage.

55 Cal BF Ammo: Greatly Increases Nyx’s Critical Chance by а set percentage and Critical Damage by а set percentage, but her Fire Rate is greatly reduced by а set percentage. Nyx is healed for a set percentage of the damage dealt by all Critical Hits and Headshots.

Additionally, when Nyx stays behind unbroken cover, every second she gains a set percentage boost to all of her sources of damage. This can stack up to a set amount of times and she loses all accumulated stacks when she is not behind cover.


Doing Damage - Ruby Skill (Passive Ability)

The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a X Elemental Attack Damage bonus, as well as a 30% Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.

How can I get Nyx?

Nyx will be available in Crates and Co-Op Raids!


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So to read the lore i have to click 30 plus boxes? Hmmm

New hero sounds overpowered.
It seems the bronze is a synergy for Fiber. She’s probably gonna deal crazy damage and be invulnerable with it while she stacks insane damage. It sounds fun but i am afraid this will be a major issue in higher pvp levels, where you can’t use normal teams because everything nowadays nullifies whatever old heroes have to add salt to the wound.
If every single hero is going to have shield pen then we’re better off never having another shielder again, just my take on this. I think it just defeats the purpose of old heroes and i find it quite depressing that older heroes will just grow irrelevant. And by the time all of them are buffed the powercreep will set a new bar to reach and they’ll still be irrelevant.

With that out of the way

I LOVE the looks! Pretty badass animation! And we can’t go wrong with some cover buffs. Since i feel like cover takes a great role in the gameplay and makes drastic differences. So messing with that is fun!
Although i have the question
I quote
“ repairing all allied covers and rendering them invulnerable by constantly repairing them for a duration of seconds.”
What does this mean? Rendering them invulnerable by constantly repairing? Does this mean they become invulnerable and are then repaired? Does that mean that it simply just maxes the HP of the cover? Or does it mean it heals so quick is is nearly invincible?


It’s heavily redacted, would have been funny if it couldn’t be read at all lmao, jado would have gone crazy from conspiracy theories,


Amazing hero and the cover repair is going to be very useful for extreme and pvp when paired with fiber, plus the other abilities look amazing! And doing damage on top of that, worth the wait for this bio-chem!
Edit; didn’t mean to reply to ya GIR, misclick lol

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It means it can basically regenerate almost immediately any destroyed cover.


So it’s super fast cover repairing? That’s cool. But i have one worry.
ruby tanks
Imagine they start spraying your cover and you get staggered every half a second :joy:T

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I just got done reading the lore. This is by far the best lore i’ve seen for any hero in this game! I am seriously intrigued by and invested in this story now!
I have my guesses as to who the other subjects was. I think it’s Pariah, or it could be an unreleased hero.
Besides the constant ticking of boxes I thoroughly enjoyed this!


Wouldn’t that make them get into a stagger loop?

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@BasherBenDawg @Robert_Pronk They won’t get staggered because the cover will get repaired before a stagger can trigger.


I would have been right there with Jado haha…
I think she’s gonna compliment UAF nicely.


If it heals even 1 HP and a runy tank destroys it (which is instant) then a stagger occurs

It’s made in a way that a stagger won’t get triggered if a cover gets destroyed while the ability is active.


Very interesting, can’t wait to see this in action

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No staggers?
Hmmm. Should be listed with it then tho

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Perhaps, if anything something like “immune to staggers from cover breaking”,
But there isn’t too much reason for it.

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For her platinum, is the ammo type random? Cyclical? Can players choose her ammo with some sort of prompting action? She looks awesome… definitely somebody I’ll sink a ton of gold into trying too unlock. Just trying to figure out synergies/strategies.

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It seems that after a reload it will randomly choose one.
However I am curious if there is a possibility to load normal ammo instead of the special ones after unlocking that ability
Edit; she also starts the match with the first listed ammo type, I’m assuming the rest comes down to a 33.3% chance of getting each ammo after a reload

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