Hero Spotlight: Voltage


As a child, Voltage lived in a small local faction with her parents, both of whom were extraordinary electrical engineers. Unfortunately, she experienced the devastation that KLG brought to such factions first-hand, and saw the way they treated those who didn’t want to join their ranks. Orphaned by the KLG, she swore revenge on Kurtz and his goons.

She was saved from the streets by UAF soldiers, joining their ranks as soon as she became of age. During her training, she showed high combat and engineering proficiency. Yet, her past experience had led her to refuse utilizing lethal force, which made her a liability.

After spending a lot of time and effort, she was able to come up with a way to overcome her limitations to her combat utility as she engineered a marvel of electric technology. A tool that she could use defensively and offensively, allowing her to neutralize her targets both lethally and non-lethally with specially tuned charges of electricity via her custom weapon and armor. With nothing holding her back, she joined the UAF as a full fledged soldier, quickly starting to climb up the ranks and upgrading her gear along the way. Before long, she was able to attract the attention of the most elite UAF Division. The UAF Airborne took her into their most elite unit, and her unique and effective skills made it so she was regularly deployed on SPEC-OPS missions that required that the targets be captured alive. In those missions, she has a perfect record.

Faction: UAF Airborne

Element: Energy

Voltage The Electric Combatant is the newest 5* Hero to join the battle.

Use the power charge to easily deal with your enemies! Charge, stun, multiply, repeat!

Static Charge

Bronze Skill - Active Ability

Charges an electrical shot, dealing elemental damage to the targeted enemy and inflicting the skill for 10 seconds.

Each time the afflicted enemy takes damage from any source, a small electrical explosion forms, which does an additional 25% damage to the afflicted enemy and everyone in their close proximity (splash damage).

Additionally, this ability inflicts the target enemy and everyone in close proximity with 4 charges of the Supercharge skill.

Electrical Discharge

Silver Skill - Active Ability

The hero blasts all enemies on the battlefield, dealing elemental damage and stunning them for 1 second (can be upgraded up to 5 seconds).

Additionally this ability removes all Supercharge stacks from enemies hit.


Gold Skill - Passive Ability

Normal attacks of this hero inflict the enemies with Supercharge for 10 seconds.

Every two seconds the afflicted enemy takes elemental damage per Supercharge on them. Supercharge can stack up to 5 charges per enemy.

Every time a Supercharge is removed from an enemy, they take 7% of their maximum health as damage.

Only 1 Supercharge is removed from a stack once the duration runs out. Adding a new Supercharge to a stack does not reset the duration of an already applied Supercharge.


Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


When a Supercharge is removed from an enemy, this hero gains Attack damage bonus per projectile (3 projectiles per shot) and 25% faster reload rate for 7 seconds. The bonuses do not stack, but the cooldown is refreshed each time a Supercharge is removed from an enemy.

Additionally, every time a Supercharge is removed from an enemy, there is a 50% chance of a new Supercharge to be applied.


Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

Knowing is half the battle, allowing these heroes’ skills to start partially charged. This Hero also gains extra Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.

How can I get Voltage?

Voltage will be available in Crates and through Co-op Raids!


I’m liking the abilities for Voltage. Wasn’t expecting something as complex as this with y’all being new to designing heroes for HH. :+1:t2:

Still not a fan of the look of the character though. :-/ Can anyone guess why? Lol


This looks familiar, but none the less, YAHH BABY! HERO HUNTERS IS BACK!! WOOOO

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Rune for the win haha. The catapult doesn’t really fit to be honest. But the abilities are much more complex which is something i really like!
Overall love the extra lore/background we have. Huge improvement towards the last few we got! Awesome job and looking forward!


One detail we are missing for future spotlights: their position. It may say a lot about the hero and what items to prepare. Read my message above for the appreciation!


Little confused on how she works, I’ll just read the in game description to get a idea of the dmg when she comes, And yes, Rune Fo Da Win!!!

Little Rune dressed up in a Tron outfit…guess we’ll see. Abilities look fun.


We tested her thoroughly, but let’s see how it goes on the live production.
Hopefully, no more bugs will appear :crossed_fingers:


Thx for keeping this game going! We appreciate y’all working so hard over there!


Thank you for the warm words! Much appreciated!
We hope you will have fun with Voltage :smirk:


Do we have a date yet, or did I miss it, if it’s not said yet just take your time! Also, does she look like she and Kreiger are gonna be the combo or is it just me?

Hopefully next week :shushing_face:

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will June calendar be shared soon?

No. I discussed with mods and decided that it’s better to share events that will be live for sure than to publish calendar where most of the dates will be wrong at the end.


She looks a bit like a modified FF copy “RUNE”? Will be interesting how it is to play and can be used.
That’s not meant to be a gripe - things do move on at some point, and that’s good.
Still, the question for you @epic_moth.
A major update has been announced, and you would think that DECA’s statement that “everyone can be proud” would also mean that there will be clearly recognizable changes to the game.
Actually we get new Hero’s but no game change.
Please be honest, because many like me are only still launching the app because that is exactly what was promised an what we hope.
?? @epic_moth: Is DECA still following this plan?

So basically. You spawn in. Blast all enemies with supercharge. Stunning for 5 seconds. Then pick a target. Stack dps. Get boosted reload and damage. And then she has a PELLET WEAPON. Freaking awesome. I love that it’s not just a regular pew pew hero. Pellet weapons generally stack better with damage buffs. So pairing her with Fiber (for the start bonus) and her passive which she (almost) instantly gets she will probably become a powerhouse.
Now that means you can build her as support, debuffing enemies and such. You can build attack damage for her pellet weapon. You can boost reload rates for more dps or you can build lightning and basically zap everyone to death at an instant.
This is exactly what i was talking about. A hero you can build around, the design doesn’t have to be perfect, but the abilities should be what shines. That is in most cases what pulls players towards them!


Gonna be honest, I kinda feel like the technician ruby should be for 7 star heros, but it’s fine none the less, but also, can y’all give that ruby to Prophet, that would make him so much better!

I think it would fit him most out of all skills. Maybe Magnus his ruby skill fits as well. But fire rate really sucks on him. Good suggestion. Maybe they will add it someday

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@epic_moth , are we going to get a mythic skin this update? Also how is the skin for voltage gonna look, she already looks like a great skin, I can imagine a glow in the dark + skin maybe, but she just looks so stellar like this already!

Massige thumbs up! I rarely leave comments. Hope the drop rates are generous!