Hero Spotlight: Scum

Icon_ElementBio Scum


  • An assault fumigator. Scum is a hulking exterminator who suffocates his foes with deadly poisons and lethal gases. He dominates the battlefield with overwhelming area denial attacks that forces enemies to constantly relocate or take massive damage. Look for more information soon!

Primary Weapon – High Capacity SMG



Bronze Ability
Exterminate douses the targeted enemy in volatile chemicals, dealing damage over time. Afflicted enemies have a chance to create a poison cloud every second. Each cloud deals damage to any enemies who linger within a small area. Each poison cloud persists for a period of time.



Silver Ability
The targeted enemy is covered in toxic gases, dealing damage over time to the primary target and all nearby enemies. The effect lasts a short period of time.



Gold Ability - Passive
Scum recovers health whenever an enemy affected by Exterminate or Fumigate is killed.

Breathe Deep

Platinum Ability - Passive
Scum constantly recovers health over time. Taking damage will temporarily pause the healing effect.

Where to find Scum

  • You will find Scum Fragments In the Assault on City Hall Co-op Raid when he is first released.

What are your thoughts on Scum?



I have Scum at 5 star and gold. As far as I can tell, he is rubbish. Will update if I find a way to get any value out of him


Any change of mind yet?
I also got him to Gold and 5 stars recently - am not impressed at all. Green smoke is cool but that about it.

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I like him on bounty event, but for PVP :frowning: there is better choice.


It is fun if the poison clouds spread. Enemy team goes totally out of control, running around like mad. Smoke everywhere!
I think Ghoul makes more chaos but my Ghoul is just 2* so I’ll have a bit of fun with Scum instead. But he’s not very powerful. Just fun.


I have learned to love Scum! At 7* he’s a slow but deadly, ugly mofo. He’s still not platinumed but it’s tempting to get him promoted soon.
Just wish his silver skill would get faster charging as long as an enemy is affected by his bronze skill.

He was on my list to, I have some in higher priority right now but he’s definitely on the list

Btw, never judge a book on it’s cover

He needs to be buffed just like they did with Ghoul. He has great potential but his long charge kills it.

When I first started playing I liked using him a lot. His skill take too long to recharge.

Yeah some cd reductions and plat halo’s got a new bestie around haha.

Another damage-over-time hero that gets completely neutralized by enemy healing. Oh wow your 8* Scum does 8k DPS for 8 seconds to a single target every 30 seconds? That’s neat, good thing my Nightingale can heal my entire team every 10 seconds for 60k!

Also another DPS with a terrible Gold/Plat that do nothing to make up for his weak Bronze/Silver.

When it’s Shoremen month he’ll do more damage than anyone ever seen before in bounty hunt.