Is Scum self Sustainable?

2 questions specific to Scum:

Can he be considered a “dps”?

Does his gold/plat allow him to work individually (doesn’t rely on a healer)?

Scum is a good concept but underwhelming in practice.
DPS… Wouldn’t say so. My 8* Platinum Scum does 17K damage per second, that’s about half of what a “proper” DPS does at the same level. His skills are slow to charge and doesn’t do much damage and his constant healing I haven’t really seen any game changing effetct of:
He is most often far from MVP in both damage and healing.

He is one of the best heroes for Bounty damage, hands down.

My 7* Scum often does much more damage than my 10* Maven in Bounty fights… A lot of times even more than double her damage, such as in this example.

This was an auto’d match for anyone’s information.

Hes great for for bounty if you control him, he also destroys cover fast, not bad on a Panzer Keel Team. Haven’t found use for him against meta teams tho.