Scum bounty damage

I don’t have a powerful scum, he’s 8 star gold +2… but i’ve noticed he always does a lot of damage in bounty, and this last time i took a screenshot he got 3.8mil damage in one run when my platinum +4 10 star odachi only made 2.5 mil. For the life of me I can’t figure out where all this damage comes from, and the only thing that i see having any possibility is his bronze skill. it affects a target for 8 seconds and every second it has a 25% chance to deal a significant amount of damage every second (twice the silver skill damage) to the targeted enemy and anyone in the AOE and lasts for 18 seconds. i guess if that second part of the bronze skill is activated 4-6 times then it would be devastating. is this what is causing the damage? or am i missing something?


That is correct. His mini-smoke clouds that are created by the Bronze can stack multiple times and each deal damage per second, with some good luck it can deal a lot of damage against an immobile enemy.


Do you play bounty? :thinking:

Krat, just curious, what’s your experience with Scum for bounty? I get decent reviews about him.

Scum is amazing for bounty. He’s always been a mainstay in my bio A-team despite being only 7* plat0.

Very good experience

Scum is by far one of my favorite heroes to use in Bounty.
Often times, his normal damage outweighs the x5 or x6 boosted faction hero’s damage.

Yep, Scum is my favourite underrated hero since early on. I first found out when I paired Scum with CC heroes and discovered his stupid damage potential.

His Bronze just stacks up to unbelievable DPS and his Silver clears anyone around your target.

I would say Scum’s only weak side is in PVP where he doesnt really fill a solid role, but in PVE he’s insane.

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Is scum actually good? Dang maybe I should upgrade him.

One of the best damage contributing heroes for bounty. And since he’s gonna be boosted for Shoremen bounty his Damage will be incredible :slight_smile:

So what’s your favorite bounty lineup using Scum, what good heros to use with him?

Not an expert but maybe maven cross
flatline phoenix

I have a sneaking suspicion they’ll pull another Magistrates on us…

My Scum doesn’t have the Plat skill yet, so he’s still a little squishy in PVP, but I wanted to know, has anyone used him in PVP with Halo, and is it amazing?