Hero Spotlight: Striker

Icon_ElementMech STRIKER


Striker, the Drone Controller, is coming to the hunt! With drones that focus on both offense and defense, Striker can dish it out and take it in kind, providing strong support for her team.

Primary Weapon - DRNE Carbine

Skills Header

Hunter Killer Drone

Bronze Ability


Releases a Hunter Killer Drone that automatically attacks enemy targets. Hunter Killer Drones deal Elemental Damage and have permanent invisibility. Hunter Killer Drones temporarily decloak while reloading.

Striker can only have three Drones active at once.

Shield Drone

Silver Ability


Releases a Shield Drone that periodically shields an allied Hero, absorbing Damage. The shield last for 10 seconds, or until destroyed.

Striker can only have three Drones active at once.


Gold Ability - Passive Skill


Whenever this Hero dies, all of her active Drones (Hunter Killer Drones or Shield Drones) are sent on a final explosive run. Each Drone charges the nearest enemy and deals Damage to all enemies in a wide area when they reach their target.

Networked Drones

Platinum Ability - Passive Skill


Striker and each of her Drones gain Health and Attack Damage per second for each of her own remaining Drones on the battlefield.

Where Can I Get Striker?!


Striker will be available exclusively in the Gilded Crate!

What do you think of Striker? Let us know in the comments!


Nice, two heroes this month!


Nice hero especially his bronze skill.


This is a very interesting hero.


Hivemind: Who are you?
Striker: I am you, but for pvp


We have to wait and see how good he will be. Comparing him to the hivemind lookwise the striker looks horrible and ugly. Hivemind mask is much better. And in general. But that’s not a big deal anyway. Looks good so far.

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How good SHE will be.


:slight_smile: new hero. hyped!


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what i’m really liking about this is the concept of a playable boss version of a common enemy. Elite Rifleman, Vanguard, and Operator were maybe the first and all there was for a long while. Now we have Lancer, Commando, Purifier and Striker starting to round out a contingent of champions of the common enemy. I think it’s way cool and would love to see more…Perhaps the Commander is next?

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Heck yeah! Two fantastic heroes this month! I’m curious however, does her bronze and silver skills mean she can only have 3 drones total, or is it 3 per drone type (6 total)?


from the skill descriptions it sounds like 3 drones maximum. If I were to guess the way she’ll play is you’ll get off a HK drone, then a Shield Drone, then a HK drone again…eventually having just HK drones as those don’t go away unless killed.

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Or, if I’m guessing right, the player can use any combination of drones, opting for a defensive or offensive strategy, which I really like. Having flexibility will make this hero very tactical.

When will the game update so we can view them?

If you pilot her yes. I wouldn’t trust the AI to decide if you need defense or offense…but, Lancer’s AI seems to make offensive and defensive decisions on the smoke grenade so…who knows, maybe the AI will be smart enough to decide.

@Amber_Sandy_Pistone: update is usually soon after the last bounty of the current bonused faction.

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Makes sense, if it did it might be very handy.

My guess will be really high in power, but as for skills, damage etc he be okay… thats how all the gilded crate toons are…

Three drones total. One bronze, two silver, or three silver, or whatever combo you feel is best.


I wanted to understand what is going on because in a while here never came new heroes … or you mix heroes to create one or you catch campaign stragglers and cast as hero (NEW) … … wanted to understand what’s going on … can you explain ???

I think it’s cool but it seems a bit uninspired … I know it’s not easy to create a character from a game because it takes a lot of work but it sounds weird …

This is just an enemy unit that you fight in the campaign. We’re just making it available for you all to play as a hero with a little bit of tweaking, but keeping it pretty close to the enemy unit.

This is why it is the second hero coming out this next release, the main hero is a bit more “inspired” so check him out too.