Hero Buffs - 6.4




:arrow_right:Power changed from 28,649 to 33,410
:arrow_right:Health changed from 993,100 to 1,011,492
:arrow_right:Damage changed from 28,644 to 42,149
:arrow_right:Elemental Damage changed from 33,144 to 45,495
:arrow_right:Armor changed from 6,249 to 6,293
:arrow_right:Elemental Armor changed from 4,550 to 5,371
:arrow_right:Offensive Mod changed from 1156,25 to 1757,5
:arrow_right:Elemental Offensive Mod changed from 1757,5 to 2266,25
:arrow_right:Defensive Mod changed from 1683,5 to 1711,25


:large_blue_diamond:Damage to Cover: changed from 92,78 to 154,64
:large_blue_diamond:Damage per Second: changed from 61,788 to 87,644
:large_blue_diamond:Damage per Shot: changed from 63,698 to 90,355


Bronze Ability: Scrap Defense

Continuously heal the targeted allied Hero and repair their cover. Restore 184,457 (was 181,404) Health per second to the targeted Hero and repair 35% (was 15%) cover durability per second.

Lasts 6 seconds, or until canceled.

Silver Ability: Powder Blast

Launches a ball that explodes into a salvo of 5 (was 4) flaming shards, each shard deals 127,979 (was 94, 878) damage, and each enemy is Rooted for 8 seconds (was 6).

Gold Ability: Scavenge

Whenever this hero fires the last shot in her clip, all allied Heroes restore 65,200 Health per second (was 5,471) for 4 seconds (was 3).

Platinum Ability: Improvised Cover

All allied Heroes gain 7,092 Armor (was 6,908) while above 45% Health (was 75%).


A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains 4,235 Armor bonus (was 4,211) and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Decreased the Cooldown of “Hook Shot” by 16 seconds.

Cinder (1)


:arrow_right:Power changed from 33,023 to 35,810
:arrow_right:Health changed from 911,400 to 1,022,162
:arrow_right:Damage changed from 55,060 to 59,186
:arrow_right:Elemental Damage changed from 42,787 to 45,108
:arrow_right:Armor changed from 5,273 to 6,578
:arrow_right:Elemental Armor changed from 3,742 to 4,332
:arrow_right:Offensive Mod changed from 2081,25 to 2220
:arrow_right:Elemental Offensive Mod changed from 1711,25 to 1803,75
:arrow_right:Defensive Mod changed from 1757,5 to 1803,75
:arrow_right:Elemental Defensive Mod changed from 1110 to 1433,75


:large_blue_diamond:Damage to Cover: changed from 106,06 to 83,33
:large_blue_diamond:Damage per Second: changed from 97,847 to 104,294
:large_blue_diamond:Damage per Shot: changed from 29,650 to 31,604


Bronze Ability: Dragon Fire

Continuously fires a salvo of up to 6 shells that bombard the targeted area. Each shell deals 120,003 Elemental Damage (was 80,905) to enemies, and damages nearby cover.

Lasts up to 1.0 seconds (was 2,5), or until cancelled.

Silver Ability: Acid Bomb

Throws a bomb that deals 350,002 Elemental Damage (was 192,010) to all enemies in the targeted area, and inflicting them with [Acid Bomb].

Enemies affected by [Acid Bomb] damage nearby cover and recieve 50% more Damage for 15 seconds.

Gold Ability: Acid Rain

Periodically cause a random piece of enemy cover to take damage.

Whenever this Hero damages an enemy out of cover, she deals an additional 10,004 Elemental Damage (was 7, 575).

Platinum Ability: Salt the Earth

Whenever a piece of cover is demolished, this Hero gains a charge of [Salt the Earth] that lasts until the end of the wave.

Each charge of [Salt the Earth] improves this Hero’s weapon damage by 5,002 Elemental Damage (was 2,710) and provides this Hero 185,790 Health (was 89,460).

Up to a maximum of 7 charges (was 10).

RUBY ABILITY: Doing Damage

The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a 24,806 Elemental Attack Damage bonus (was 23,577), as well as a 30% Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Increased the projectile travel time by ~75%.
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Increased the Cast animation by ~125% which makes the casting of abilities faster.



:arrow_right:Power changed from 32,101 to 36,108
:arrow_right:Health changed from 693,287 to 953,787
:arrow_right:Damage changed from 53,411 to 57,264
:arrow_right:Elemental Damage changed from 48,584 to 51,927
:arrow_right:Armor changed from 4,943 to 6,293
:arrow_right:Elemental Armor changed from 4,001 to 4,598
:arrow_right:Offensive Mod changed from 2035 to 2173,75
:arrow_right:Elemental Offensive Mod changed from 2035 to 2173,75
:arrow_right:Defensive Mod changed from 1295 to 1711,25
:arrow_right:Elemental Defensive Mod changed from 1295 to 1526,25


:large_blue_diamond:Damage to Cover: changed from 43,86 to 87,72
:large_blue_diamond:Damage per Second: changed from 101,995 to 109,191
:large_blue_diamond:Damage per Shot: changed from 35,787 to 38,312


Bronze Ability: Initiate

Blasts the targeted enemy, dealing 350,002 Elemental Damage (was 161,375) and boosting this Hero’s weapon by 30,004 Damage (was 11,284) and fire rate by 50% for 8 seconds.

[Initiate] starts the mission with 85% charge.

Silver Ability: Vengeance Strike

Prepares a counterattack, automatically striking enemies using skills for 10 seconds. Each time an enemy uses a skill while [Vengeance Strike] is active, this Hero immediately strikes back dealing 100,004 damage (wa 31,300) to the attacking enemy.

If no enemies were counterattacked, this Hero instead deals 200,002 Damage (was 20,093) to a random enemy when [Vengeance Strike] expires.

Gold Ability: Lockout

Whenever this hero damages an enemy using [Initiate] he applies [Lockout] for 8 seconds.

This Hero reflects incoming damage from enemies afflicted with [Lockout], dealing Damage equal to 15% of Damage received back to his attacker, up to 400,005 (was 30,361).

Platinum Ability: Duelist

Whenever this Hero has a negative effect, he has a 20% chance each second to automatically cleanse himself.

Whenever an effect is cleansed, this Hero’s next weapon attack deals an additional 100,004 Damage (was 62,866).

RUBY ABILITY: Doing Damage

The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a 28,421 Elemental Attack Damage bonus(was 26,649), as well as a 30% Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.



:arrow_right:Power changed from 31,437 to 35,111
:arrow_right:Health changed from 1,123,350 to 1,314,112
:arrow_right:Damage changed from 38,015 to 41,297
:arrow_right:Elemental Damage changed from 34,794 to 37,803
:arrow_right:Armor changed from 6,686 to 7,643
:arrow_right:Elemental Armor changed from 4,245 to 5,864
:arrow_right:Elemental Defensive Mod changed from 1665 to 1942,5


:large_blue_diamond:Damage to Cover: changed from 89.89 to 84,27
:large_blue_diamond:Damage per Second: changed from 72,809 to 79,100
:large_blue_diamond:Damage per Shot: changed from 20,451 to 22,218


Bronze Ability: Siege Breaker

Fires a heavy mortar dealing 449,138 Elemental Damage (was 415,744) to enemies and demolishing cover in the targeted area.

[Siege Breaker] penetrates enemy shields.

Silver Ability: Dig In

Braces for impact, this Hero gains a charge of [Dig In] and repairs 70% (was 50%) of his cover’s durability.

Each charge of [Dig In] provides 2,100 Armor (was 1,779) and reduces all incoming Damage by 16%, to a maximum of 5 charges.

Whenever [Dig In] is used while already active, this Hero recovers 488,278 health (was 422,655).

Gold Ability: High Velocity Ammo

Specialized ammunition penetrates enemy shields and armor. Improves this Hero’s weapon by allowing Damage dealt to penetrate 50% of enemy shields, and 4,500 Armor (was 3,902).

Platinum Ability: Bastion

Whenever this Hero is below 50% Health he gains 6,000 Armor (was 5,012).

Whenever this Hero is in cover for 3 seconds he recovers 17,113 Health per second (was 14,692).


A Tank’s job in any decent Team composition is to not only soak up damage but also clear a path for your Heroes. This Hero gains a 4,007 Elemental Armor bonus (was 3,149) and deals an additional 22,786 Damage to Cover (was 21,047).


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Increased the Projectile speed of “Siege Breaker” by ~85%
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Decreased the Cast time of “Siege Breaker” by ~60%
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Decreased the Cooldown of “Dig In” by 8 seconds.
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Decreased the Cast time of “Dig In” by ~43%
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Fixed a bug where “Siege Breaker” didn’t break covers.


Beautiful buffs, especially Kiashi, he needed those stat buffs desperately, and loving cinders plat buff

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Is the ‘hook shot’ the powder blast?

I vaguely remember there is an assumption related to the numbers in the buffs. They coincide with t e hero being maxed (max plat or ruby) or some combination (max lvl, skills and ruby+0)

Will someone clarify, please?

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Hey there! Yes, the stats are as always, for a maxed-out hero.

Hook shot is the shot, similar to keel, that fires out and roots the targeted enemy and some enemies nearby the target

Nice puffs. Can we give a puff or a new skin to Wesson too? Just want more options to combat Verrill. Thanks

Beck is the only buff i see that is desperately needed. Wish she was at the stats before HH nerfed her into a shell of her former self.
Bring the turkey queen back to her former glory!! Haha

While were at it doggface needs a massive skin. That OG has earned some love for being in the forgotten pile for so long.

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A buff and Mythic Skin wouldn’t hurt Sapphyr either… :smirk:


But Clyde is going to need one first…

if clyde does get a mythic, maybe that will help boost him to be on level with Sand Ruby. But it doesnt necessarily mean he will be worth it. :smirk:


How come Sapphyr need a buff? She is already darned OP

There must be a reason to puff or give new skin to a hero. Some heroes will not be used no matter what. Sadly, Clyde is one of them. :rofl:

He would actually probably get used a lot more if he got buffed, he has an amazing platinum and has many uses in a crit team. However his low stats hold him back. Really all he needs is a stat boost and a crit chance skin

Now we have Homerun. Cannot see why we need to upgrade Clyde, as these two are very similar in a way.
The other thing is that a ruby Wesson can kill a ruby Verrill with two more bars easily before verrill’s silver skill kicks in. I doubt Clyde can achieve that (don’t have a ruby Clyde, so I cannot test this myself)

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Clyde can get some high damage nasty crits with his platnium ability, but only if you know how to aim. Even then there are some areas he could use stat boosts. And a skin with a crit chance :)))

Man, of course I know how to aim, and let’s not go down the route comparing who has the bigger stick. Just answer two questions:

  1. Do you really think Clyde will be better than Homerun, even after the putative upgrade?
  2. Have you ever killed a verrill with Clyde before?
    Remind you, to kill verrill, you have to rely on fast basic damages or stunning. Otherwise he will kill you first!
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I lost count of the amount of verrils I killed with Clyde :))),
Every hero can be compared to others, such as Clyde to Homerun, but they have their own strengths and weaknesses. Clyde may not have the highest crit chance compared to Homerun but he does have the ability to deal higher damage crits. To be considered better than one another we would first need to see how said buffed Clyde would be.

Imo a buffed Clyde could be just as lethal as homerun

It’s good to know a ruby Clyde can kill ruby verrill. I don’t have one and always feel he is too fragile and a bit slow. So never thought Clyde can win 1v1 against Verrill unless your opponent is silly. But even if Clyde is that good, we have homerun in the same category, so the effort should be put into a different hero as far as puffing concerns.
Having said that, the bigger issue is not verrill but voltage. Although my voltage is maxed, I would like her stunning charge to be delayed for couple of seconds. Otherwise everyone will have to run the similar teams in pvp.
Although tactician Is great for missions, allowing that in pvp, especially for voltage’s stunning, is a mistake

I will speak for Ben and say that Clyde’s crits, however not as often, do a much bigger punch. Talking about near double potential. Although Homerun is more straightforward with his crit, while Clyde has to actively build up. Clyde ‘can’ dish higher damage but Homerun is better on the short term