Hero Spotlight: Yanlong

Icon_ElementMech Yanlong


  • An assault siege breaker. His powerful abilities and basic attacks penetrate shields, cutting through the enemy’s frontline with ease.

Primary Weapon – Trench Shotgun


Siege Breaker

Bronze Ability
This ability fires a heavy mortar dealing damage to enemies and demolishing cover in the targeted area. Siege Breaker penetrates enemy shields.


Dig In

Silver Ability
Using this ability braces Yanlong for impact. He gains a charge of Dig In. Each charge of Dig In reduces all incoming damage by a percentage, to a maximum of 5 charges. Whenever Yanlong is in cover while Dig in is active, he recovers bonus health per second.


High-Velocity Ammo

Gold Ability - Passive
Specialized ammunition penetrates enemy shields and armor. Improves Yanlong’s weapon by allowing damage dealt to penetrate enemy shields.


Platinum Ability - Passive
Whenever Yanlong’s health is low he gains bonus armor.

Where can I find Yanlong!?

  • Find Yanlong Fragments in the latest PvP Event when he is first released.

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Will there be diff skin selections soon as the pic refers “Yanlomg Concept” ?

Hey @RaZSKuLL,

Skins have been talked about a lot around the studio.

I can’t give any information other than… it’s in discussion :slight_smile:

@Howitzer Haha that’s great news :wink: extremely excited to see what you guys do with this game. It has thee potential to be thee best on a mobile phone. Thanks for creating it! Hope all is well! :pray:t6::pray:t2::pray:t4:

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Looks like a Savage, Razor, and Richter counter. I like what I’m seeing!

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I have a hero idea. An person who is an assault rifle user who can heal other teammates by shooting at them. One ability could give him shots that also give the person getting shot some shield. It would be way more easy than waiting for a big heal. If this gets used, can it be a boy named Charlie. Nothing to bad about this one I would say

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What are those??!!


Yanlong Boost 9000s.


Yanlong is great of course with a little support, I have him ruby pretty decent

Good gosh what an absolutely devious necro. :skull::flushed: