Yan Long’s plat, please buff

Hey there,

I just wanted to address that I’d like to see an improvement in Yan Long’s plat passive skill.

Just a breakdown based on a lvl 66 plat Long:

As I’m writing from an iPad I’ll make it brief for what my reasoning is.

  1. too similar to his Dig in ability. Most plat abilities diversify or very strongly augment stats of the hero. Example could be that Halo improves all forms of ability damage which makes a team up with ability attackers an option. Cross will just have an autoheal at plat which makes him a great option to replace an off healer with for an example. Dogface just pumps up his gun and those of his team for more damage, but yan long’s 1 Stack of dig in already is much better as it adds triple the armor and a Regen. Granted, it’s not an ability ready from the get go but very often still not necessary to have up in the first 20 ticks and can even stack 5 times. Coming to reason 2.

  2. the buff is incredibly weak. 74 armor added when he gets in danger while his stat armor is already 1503. Will it make much of a difference? How much damage reduction is 1 point of armor worth? As far as I understand not all that much.

Well anyway those are my main reasons advocating a buff at least on his plat skill. I like this dude and want to see him fielded more.


  • when he drops below 50 %, add a stack of dig in on yan long/ increase the speed in which he can cast dig in again.

On paper those do sound OP but they’re just suggestions in which way it could go if we focus on augmentation. Diversification wise:

  • when any allied hero drops below 50 %, increase their armor by x (suitable amount that makes a slight difference in the character’s survivability) as I do not know that math algorithm for damage vs armor and elen resistance, I won’t comment on gains.

Thanks for reading. I’m open for any feedback.

I don’t know how the damage/armor interaction work, but compared with pretty much any other armor skills, the numbers are something to laugh at.

At level 60, 8* plat, these are all the skills that increase armor in any way (Im not counting elemental armor, like Butter’s plat)

Matador: 2318 armor for 10 seconds (everyone)
Fortress: 1118 armor for 10 seconds (self)
Caine: 185 armor per charge, up to 925 with 5 charges, for the duration of the shield (allies only)
Razorback: 2316 armor for up to 16 seconds (self)
Ritcher: 2553 armor as long as he doesn’t move (self) and 851 armor permanently (self)
Keel: 902 armor to anyone over 75% HP (everyone)
Cast: 288 armor permanently (self)
Vanguard: 9161 armor for 12 seconds (self)
Yanlong: 325 armor per charge, up to 1625 with 5 charges, for the rest of the battle (self)
95 armor under 50% HP (self).

We can see there than Yanlong’s plat has the lower armor increase of all skills, and by a huge difference. Cast plat gives almost triple the armor, without conditions, and also the great amount of 77k HP. Ritcher’s plat give him 9 times more armor, without conditions and also a 5% damage reduction.

I can understand active skills like Matador or Razorback giving more armor than passive, since they need to be casted, can be interrupted or silenced, and only last a certain duration. But the difference between passives is also brutal.

I agree with you, that Yanlong’s plat totally deserves a buff.

Yep, it’s a lousy plat skill. So much so, there’s really no reason to push him to Platinum at all. Which is too bad, cause I kinda love my Yang Long.

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