Hero Stars can be a "Legendary Purple"

I know the hero has 10 gold stars, and I think if the hero can become the next Legendary 10 Stars Purple.

Your thoughts?

5-stars-640x162 images

Is it just an aesthetic thing or is there more to it?

So, more star equals more power?

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Yes, exactly. 10 gold stars --> purple is legendary, like that.

There is more to it. 10 gold stars are going to be a legendary purple.


Seems like extra steps to help sandbaggers. Just no fun

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By making an next star level you take away for heronium farming. I have hero’s at 10* just for that propose.


For those of us that are old/nostalgic enough, I love the idea of MORE POWER (grunt, grunt, grunt). But what’s actually achieved by MORE POWER (questioning grunt🤔)?

Does that make PVP more competitive? Do Raids just get a higher difficulty? What happens to heronium?


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