Suggestion for Blitz Events

Hiya guys. I recently read a forum post asking why Kunochi is the featured hero in the upcoming blitz event. While I’m thankful to get heronium from this, not everyone out there has her 10 starred, and many players would rather get frags for 3 star heroes, 5 star heroes, or even 7 star heroes rather than 1 star heroes.

So I was wondering: What if, depending on your level/power, different players would get different heroes in blitz events. Newer players (0 - 100k power) would get 1 star heroes, intermediate players (100k - 750k power) would get 3 star heroes, and advanced players (750k+ power) would get 5 star heroes. 7 star heroes would rarely be in blitz events, as it already is, but that hero would be available to everyone for that specific blitz event.

Also, power ranges don’t have to be exactly that, just trying to give you an idea of who would have what. Lemme know what you think.


The game has all of this stuff already broken down between players and groups, I have been saying this since day 1. Everything needs to be based on your bracket. Crates, stores, events. Everything should be based on the bracket you are in like war is, like pvp is.


This is a suggestion that i support, just as you say i appreciate the lots of heronium, but having the possibility to get a hero i might not have or can be upgraded would be cool too, hope the devs think about this


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep an eye on all the feedback in this post.


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