Heronium woes

Hey Devs!

Can you give us some more useful stuff to spend heronium on? I’m at 1.3 million heronium and rising even though i buy everything in the heronium store every day. I know i’m not the only one in this situation as i’ve brought up this topic and gotten agreeing voices in return. I understand that you guys wanted to throttle the high end growth with the introduction of heronium, but it feels quite stifling not to be able to spend that which we’ve earned.

Yes, I understand the balancing of the game economy, but just having another use for heronium would be nice


As an addendum to this, it doesn’t seem quite fair that the stronger you get, the less opyions you have to purchase things in the heronium store (specific hero frags being removed once you 10* them) perhaps as these heroes are removed from the heronoum store they could be replaced with more plat or even ruby gear slots?


More plat or ruby gears any where would be greatly appreciated, lol


Ruby gear for sure … should be added to “one” of the stores at least. Preferably the heronium store. I agree , sitting on over 4 mil heronium buying everything isn’t beneficial to gameplay as more of my hero’s could use ruby gear or unavailable higher mk’s.


I personally like the tuning, and the way it dovetails the stronger you get. Good economy design. But I’ll pass your thoughts along.


Thanks Muninn, appreciate it.


I don’t agree, there should be a limit to what you can get and if you spend alot of money or time for heronium and have to much doesn’t mean we need more stuff, im fine with the rewards at the moment

But the moment you become not fine with it you’ll agree with Wiskey? I agree with Wiskey 100%. I have about 40% of the problem @WiskeyTangoFoxtrot has, but I can still say that I’m not farming heronium anymore and seem to be steady at 400k buying it out daily.

Wiskey is I think 1.8m power, definitely has everyone 10 starred. At that point ur trying to farm as much ruby gear as possible to become stronger and more useful in war and other events since u no longer have to collect frags. I understand taking heroes out of the store once their 10 starred, that’s just spending heronium to gain less heronium in return lol. So adding ruby gear (once you’ve 10 starred everyone) would be helpful since ruby is what all of the top players are striving for right now…

I have no earthly idea how anyone has a million +heronium; with crates, farming all of the level 1, 2, 3 hard missions for heronium, some pvp, special raids, daily login heroes, daily rewards, I’m getting a fair amount of heronium every day. I spend a minimum of 15K/day on elemental/universal frags ( think my math is right), have only spent on a specific hero once (and that was to 10* the hero), and on occasion I’ll spend on core frags or plat equipment; because of this I tend to stay in the 70-120K range; I wish I could get more frags so I could use it on the equipment/core frags more often


If they complain about having a lot heronium, just go into their account and take some like you did with the pvp gems and frags. Simple :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

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I have 1.5 million herionum and I’m not complaining lol

I wonder if people at least take the trouble to read the subjects before responding :thinking: they submit ideas for the evolution of the game and more access to equipment, something that is good for us players !!! they don’t complain at all … please read and understand before answering

@Muninn we sincerely think that you must increase the difficulty of the gorgon raid … in order to change the rewards of the fund because they are not terrible😶

You should read the subject before responding :thinking:

Your question doesn’t have anything to do with Heronium Woes. Please read and understand before answering.

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When you have every hero 10* I imagine it is pretty easy actually. You get Heronium from literally every aspect of the game. Thousands per day from Gauntlet, Co-op raid, hero crates, running all the Extreme missions and getting frags, etc.

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