Hero Suggestion: Amarine - The Marine Predator

“The sea is me. I am the embodiment of the sea. If you can’t defeat the sea, don’t try and fight with me.”

Legendary Skin - Queen of the Sea

Amarine - Amara Charina - Marine Biologist - Sea Technician - Escapist - Energy!UAF/Patriots

A natural swimmer. She was the daughter of Fischer and a random female near the area. She swam in every body of water existing in this world. She saw the fierce flame in the predators in the ocean, the peaceful persona the fish have while defending with deadly methods.

At her twenties, she joined the Shoremen to help her father with his fish business. She used this opportunity to find out more about the marine world as her job is to catch fish. She, as a technologic graduate, she designed a suit that looked like a fish so she can inspect closely. She was still fascinated and then designed another suit to fit for underwater battles (Left photo). She joined the UAF since she was 21 and she patrols and sinks down KLG warships and vessels. She was given the honorary title of The Marine Predator.

After 5 years of service, she left and joined the Patriots. She once saw Surge outside and learned that he was a scientist. She wanted to join so she can engage with Surge and ask him to create her a new suit (The one at the middle) to fight and in return, she’ll devote her time and energy to defend the base and attack for the country.

Description: A athletic swimmer. Dives down to evade damage while building damage up the more the enemy fires and destroys cover.

Uniqueness: For some reason, she can dive through the ground.


Bronze - Predatory - Boosts her armor by xx, damage by xx, and restore 2% health per second for 6 seconds.

Bronze (Legendary) - Raptorial - Boosts her armor by xx, damage by xx, and restore 2% health per second for 6 seconds. Also, for every enemy on the battlefield, Amarine gains an extra 5% damage. This can stack up to 7 times and slowly depletes over time.

Silver - Wall of Water - Amarine gains xx shield health and recovers xx health per second until the shield is depleted. While the shield is active, Amarine gains a 40% faster speed and fire rate.

Gold - Deep Dive - Whenever Amarine changes to a new cover, she dives down, evading all skills and damage while recovering xx health per second until she reaches to her new location. At her resurfacing, she gains xx armor for 3 seconds and she is unable to be chosen to be a target for 10 seconds.

Platinum - Living Waters - Whenever Amarine uses Wall of Water or Purify, heal xx health to all allies for 3 seconds and deal xx damage to the lowest health enemy.


Nice concept of the hero. The skills are great tho the silver skill could be toned by adding a duration to it. Also, I think you should add a slower movement speed to the gold to maximize the health recovered.

Loved the concept art. Great work mate :smiley: