Hero Suggestion: Bonnie

Name: Bonnie (Pain Packer)
Faction & Element: Kurtz’ Lawgivers & Biochemical (Because they need a biochem hero, as they have none, and would be best if it was a heavy hitter.)
Description: The original prototype design for Clyde, and now stolen and redesigned for Kurtz. Distributes heavy amounts of damage like Clyde, and gets synergy boosts while both are used. Unlike Clyde, damage can be “over-reliable”, which is why she’s called the “Pain Packer”.
Appearance: Just a more feminine looking version of Clyde, since I lack creativity. She also uses a revolver- like hand cannon as her weapon, except she has two.

Bronze Skill: Eat This

  • Switching between both the left and right revolvers, a shot is fired each second for a 10 second duration, staggering the enemy. Each shot has a 10% chance to deal double the damage of a regular shot, as elemental damage.

Silver Skill: Thrown Off

  • Using both revolvers as boomerangs, they’re launched at the enemy, dealing damage, and has a 50\50 chance to either disorient or silence the enemy for 12 seconds. If they were already stunned, they’re lifted in the air for 10 seconds, and receive 10% more damage while lifted.

Gold Skill: Bonnie & Clyde

  • When Clyde is present, they each gain health while in cover. When an enemy is killed, they both gain 50% more health for 3 seconds (similar to the synergy between Kunoichi and Odachi.)

Platinum Skill: Pain Packer
-When this hero receives damage from skills, 10% is reflected back towards the attacker. When she’s killed, a bomb within her detonates, dealing biochem damage to ALL enemies, and damage per second (nothing too severe, of course.)

This is just a vague idea, of course; I didn’t include any statistics or anything, but I’m definitely open to suggestions and feedback. It wouldn’t be a bad candidate for the next new hero, and if HHG were to take on my idea and tweak it, I’m sure it’d be something special.

p.s. thanks for reading, if you actually got this far :slightly_smiling_face: