Hero Suggestion: Sarcon

Faction: KLG Irregulars

Name: Sarcos (Exoskeleton Mechanic)

Description: A mindful genius. Creates exoskeletons to boost ally’s survivability, simultaneously healing the team.

Weapon: Stormtrooper Exoskeleton (Check Pixel Gun)

Ammo: 10 per gun (There are 4 guns on the exoskeleton)

Appearance: A guy with a Stormtrooper Exoskeleton

Strengths: Great medic and helps boost allies.

Weaknesses: Long reload and long activation skills

Main Role: Support/Medic

Stats (Full Platinum and lvl 75):

  • Health: 413K
  • Damage per ammo: 7,500
  • Elemental Armor/Armor: 1,400
  • Element: Mech

Skills (Full Platinum and lvl 75)

  • Armor Exoskeleton (Bronze): Equips all allies with an armored exoskeleton, boosting 1,000 armor but reducing speed by 35%.
  • Upgrade Exoskeleton (Silver): Equips an exoskeleton to all allies, healing 5,000 health per second and gains a charge of [Upgrade].
    • A charge of [Upgrade] gives the [Upgrade Exoskeleton] an extra 25,000 health and increases all healing by 20%. This can be stacked up to 3 times and all charges deplete when the exoskeleton is demolished.
  • Remaining Parts (Gold): Whenever any exoskeleton is destroyed, divide the exoskeleton’s max health to the number of remaining exoskeletons and apply to heal.
  • Bigger, Better (Platinum): This hero equips a giant battle armor (a bit smaller than Galante), with 500,000 health and 100,000 shields but gains 35% more damage from enemies. Whenever the battle armor is destroyed, the effects of this skill wears off.


  • Better to level this hero to Platinum to use the full potential of Gold skill
  • This hero is typically good in PvE, not PvP for slow movement.
  • Relocation is this hero’s first priority to stay away from AoE skills.
  • Stay a good distance from the fight to reduce the chances the enemy will attack when this hero is using a skill. It usually takes this hero 5 seconds to pull off a skill.
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