Hero Suggestion: Zerox

Note: Thanks for BlackRose1324 for helping me to make slight changes to this hero, really appreciate the help to make him more balanced

Faction: Mercenary

Nme: Zerox (Cyber Assassin)

Description: A relentless killer, dealing massive damage to all enemies while dominating enemies with fast charging skills and raising ally’s skills

Weapon: So basically it’s his blade, but with the added feature of his blades can fold to become a single fire plasma shotgun/gauntlet pistol

Ammo: 20 per clip

Appearance: (I had this inspiration from Arena of Valor Cybercore Nakroth skin, so plx check that out for appearance)

Strength: Overpowering groups of enemies and boosting allies.

Weakness: Slow recharge and low health

Skills: (Full Platinum and lvl 75)

  • Cyber Slash (Bronze): Activates both his blades to blade form. This hero throws one of the blades, dealing 40,000 Elemental Damage, and jumps up, teleporting to the targeted enemy, dealing 20,000 Damage and [Disorientating] the enemy for 8 seconds.
  • Cyber Strike: (Silver): Targets all enemies and slashing all enemies twice, dealing 25,000 Damage each slash.
  • Cybercore (Gold): Each fourth shot will reduce [Cyber Slash] and [Cyber Strike] by 10% and gaining a charge of [Cybercore]
    • Each charge of [Cybercore] increases 7,000 Damage to [Cyber Strike]. This can be stacked up to 3 times and depleted when this hero uses [Cyber Strike].
  • Cyber Enhancements (Platinum): All heroes improve weapon damage, armor and speed by 50% and all allies heal 5,000 health per 3 seconds.

Stats (Full Platinum and lvl 75)

  • Health: 243,000 health
  • Damage per shot: 13,000
  • Armor/Elemental Armor: 1,100

BTW, is 243k health below the normal amount?

To me it just looks like a stronger Ronin

Without riposte and not as tanky as Ronin
Or maybe use this as a skin idea