Hero Suggestion: Sylar

Faction: Patriots

Name: Sylar (Airborne Attacker)

Description: A flight dominator. Rules the sky and harasses the enemy team while receiving minor damage.

Weapon: Shotgun

Ammo: 10 per clip

Appearance: Navy blue suit with chestplate and a helmet (similar to the guy in PUBG) and wings with huge turbines)

Skills: (Full Platinum and lvl 75)

  • Skydive (Bronze): This hero rushes to the targeted enemy, dealing 25,000 Damage. Also. this hero flies up and dives down at the targeted enemy, dealing 20,000 Damage and causes the enemy to be [Stunned] and [Disoriented].
  • Flight (Silver): This hero flies in the air, gaining 10,000 Elemental Damage, and whenever this hero uses [Skydive] while [Flight] is active, gain a charge of [Flight]. This effect lasts for 10 seconds.
    • A charge of [Flight] causes the enemy to be [Lifted] for 12 seconds and receiving 30% more damage.
  • Debris (Gold): Whenever this hero dies, this hero damages the lowest health remaining enemy, dealing 86,000 Damage and causing them to burn for 13,000 Damage per second. This effect persists for 5 seconds.
  • Air Support (Platinum): [Skydive] deals and extra 10,000 Damage. If an enemy is killed by [Skydive], heal 132,000 health to this hero and gain an extra 10,000 Damage for 5 seconds and [Skydive] gets a 50% faster cooldown.
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